All 2007 and later Swift items are in the SWIFT section.


December 29, 2006
Journalist Promotes Nonsense, Down-Under Developments, Dump This Series, Apologies, In Conclusion. click here

December 22, 2006
Advanced Foolishness, Not to Be Missed, Xmas Crap, A Glimmer of Hope, Chiropractic Standards Revisited, As Silly As It Gets, More Medium Well Done, Sylvia Bombs - Again, Note This Database, LifeWave Examined, Monash Again, In Conclusion. click here

December 15, 2006
Wise Words from the Past, Technology Update, Mythbusters Missed It, It's A Matter of Expectation, Another Spoonbender Bends the Truth, A Clarification, Better Violins Sound Better?, That Achilles Heel Shows Up, Another Questionnaire, Rehabilitation of a Witch, In Conclusion. click here

December 8, 2006
A Landmark, Strange Person, Expertise in Doubt, Carry a Big Stick, A Spook Tour, Bad Martial Arts, Another Fatuous Claim, Wooing the Coppers with Woo-Woo, PBS Goes Out of Character - Again, Some Connection?, Time to Grow Up, "Modern"?, More Down-Under Questions, Mixed Standards, In Conclusion. click here

December 01, 2006
Dumb Is As Dumb Does, Geller Reviews, Australia Takes a Backward Step, Those Stupid Patches, Hot Item, How to Swindle the Suckers, Another Healer Blooms, Sentenced, That Bogus Patent, A Possibility, Bad News, Where's the Limit?, Progress, In Closing. click here

November 24, 2006
Really Rare Elements, Naturopaths & Homeopaths Banned, UK Dowsers All Wet, And Even Wetter..., Magic Rebuffed, The Bates Debate, Sylvia In the Suds, Buy Now, Enough Damn Lightbulbs, More Patent Office Nonsense, In Closing. click here

November 17, 2006
Rampa Rampant Again, A Watch to Watch, Bates is Back, More Qs&As, I Guess You Can, Limited Edition Item, A Sure Test, A Proper Award, More Hilarity, Gentle Wind Blown Away Farther. click here

November 10 2006
Big Fuss Over Bigfoot, Impossible Device, China Still Decembereived, On Goodness, More Test Questions, How Silly Can You Get?, In Conclusion. click here

November 02, 2006
Relaxing the Rules, News That Got By Us, Not to Be Missed, Correction, This Is a Test, Sales, Misguided Expertise Again, In Closing. click here

October 27, 2006
Good News, Hieronymous Resurrected, Fooling Scientists, More Conspiracy Nonsense, Call My Lawyer, Misapplied Expertise, An Explanation, A Matter of Priorities, Spinney Spoonbending, Official Prayers. click here

October 20, 2006
Sentient Cutlery, Quebec Falls for a Scam, Remote Pet Healing, Another End to this World, Miracle Prayer Endorsed, License Lost, Another New Fan, My Ignorance Is Showing, More Limbo, In Conclusion. click here

October 13, 2006
Who Gives A Damn About Adam?, Pat Robertson's At It Again, Limbo Lost, Thumbs Down on Tharoor, Major Texas Mystery Revealed, Credentials Exploded, Looking Closely at Hallucinations, Norway Comments, Snatched by Saucers, Bach is Back, Holy Water In Doubt, Technical Superstition, Disastrous Auction, Garrison Keilor Speaks, Moving a Head in the Relic Racket, News of Scientific Woo-Woo, In Conclusion. click here

October 6, 2006
A Case of Evaluation, Polish Science Challenged, Good News from Cincinnati, Welcome News, What Would Jesus Say?, Yet Another Healer, Kudos to the UAE, Q-Ray Still Around, That Chess Brouhaha, Remember Penta Water?, No Predictions nor Warnings, Good Pointers on Swindling, NCAS Renewed, In Conclusion. click here

September 29, 2006
Quite a Record, A Quality of Education, Changing Definitions, Columbian Adventures in Woo-Woo, Comments from La Belle France, Sylvia is "Confused", And Expensive, Chess is Not All Logic, Flying Cows, Friends On-Line in Sweden, And from Norway, In Conclusion. click here

September 22, 2006
Bad Vibrations, Desperate Measures, The Sylvia Comedy Hour, A Win for Quackery in the UK, Science at Its Best, Back to Steorn, Thanks for Not Killing Me, Sam Harris Alert, Differing Conclusions, More Common Sense, A Look at the Past, A Critique, Pope Shifts Into Reverse, No Child Left Behind, Looking Back, Revelations Florida Style, More Good Sense Down Under, Wanna See My Asteroid?, In Conclusion. click here

September 15, 2006
Remembering the Tragedy, Gentle Wind Blown Away, Another Small Victory, Browne's Back, Mathematics Invoked, Glorious Appearing, Not So Smart, A Chilean Convert, Down Under and Over the Top, An Observation, Astrology and Drivers, This Cruel World, How Time Flies, In Conclusion. click here

September 08, 2006
I Guess I'm Gonna Be Left Behind, Another Vatican Waltz, And While We're in Rome, Some Hope, The Best of Browne, Sheldrake's Back, The Return of JoSeptemberhson, Available, Beware Capricorns, Dubois in Australia, Wish I'd Said That, In the News, In Conclusion. click here

September 01, 2006
Evolution Revolution Solution, Pluto Demoted - Astrologers Dismayed, A Good Tool to Use, Further Gibberish, Skeptic in the House, Does He Actually Believe?, And In here

August 25 2006
Yet Another Free-Energy Farce, Breatharians, Another Convert to Woo-Woo, Interesting Book Review, Idiots Teaching Dummies, Geller Defined, Albert Redefined, Continuing Tragedy in South Africa, Another Madonna Farce, And Can the Maharishi Be far Behind?, Rubbing On More of Nothing, In Conclusion. click here

August 18, 2006
Silly Paper of the Week, Bending Patience, Bring On the Rain, Re Crop Circles, Maitreya – Again, Well-Earned Award, Technical Question, A Passing, YouTube Reaction, In Closing. click here

August 11 2006
In the Mail, Not a Very Good Percentage, Crop Circles Busted, On a Piece of Tail, God Goof, Free Lecture, Correction, A God from Fiction, In Conclusion. click here

August 04 2006
Another Hurkos Fiasco, Good Question, The MacElroys Get Flustered, Justice –NZ Style, Another Question to Ponder, Dowsing Delusions, Action re "Psychic Hotlines", Bidlack in Action, Major Boo-Boos from a Professional, In Closing. click here

July 28, 2006
Academic Nonsense in Ireland, Newsflash: Psychic Fails!, The Archimedes Palimpsest, Big Winner, Imagine That, Shermer Speaks, Get Out the Acid, Humana On the Fire Again, Was I Fooled?, Godwinks, A Worried Fan, Dubiois' Help Sought, Suggested Reading, Indigo Children Not Indigo, Head On Into Quackery, In Conclusion. click here

July 21, 2006
Gentle Wind and Justice, DoubleDog Revisited, Barnstorming Baskets, LAugusth Time, JREF Forum is 5 Years Old, Haunting Facts, Make Your Very Own Vortex, If You Read Hindi..., Pardoned Witch, Humana Joins the Quacks, Madness in Manchester, In Conclusion. click here

July 14, 2006
Vortex in My Parking Lot, A Classic Basket Case, Walking Very Carefully, Those Little Old Wine Tasters, Same Old Story, Kudos to Sarah, In Conclusion. click here

July 7, 2006
Could It Be...Satan?, , Podcast, Arizonians Alert, "In Thunder, Lightning, or in Rain?", Important News From Mexico, Double Dumb, Lumpy Water Again, Bush Attacked by Orbs!, A Bargain, No Surprise At All, Negative Clothes, In Conclusion. click here

June 30, 2006
Simply Marvelous, Criticism, Book Review: Cool Stuff, Book Review: Free Stuff, Two Comments, Gathering Down Under, Look in Here, The Usual Blather, Follow Up, Those Fairies Again, In Conclusion. click here

June 23, 2006
Follow the Money, Law Breakers, Switching Directions, Perron Responds, Reminiscing, Lotsa Luck, An Observation, Palmtop Feng Shui, Can't Be Too Careful, Unrecognized Joke, It's All a Conspiracy, I Should Have Known, Again?, In Conclusion. click here

16 June, 2006
The Patent Office in Full Bloom, In Passing, Hot News, Some Sooth from Way Back, A Leap Forward in Australia, Aykroyd Over the Edge, Divine Intervention, Degrees of Belief, Unidentified Regular Objects, Assurance, Critical Thinking in Spain, Follow-Up, More Sour Grapes, In Conclusion. click here

June 9, 2006
Just Where Is Lou Gentile?, The Perron Protocol Discussion, That HHO Idea Isn’t New, Rotgut Rescued by Science, When Prophecy Fails, Featured in NBC, Cliché/Canard Revisited, As We Suspected, and In Conclusion click here

June 2, 2006
Nothing Fails Like Prayer, Mistaken Identity, A Fantasy Patent Application, Fighting Back, A Matter of Definition, Professional Secrets, A Miraculous Shake, Saunders Again, John of Mammon, Wine Magnets Attract, Fair Warning, Scary Events, Shocking, It’s All in the Mind, Losers on Parade, Share My Burden, Penn & Teller Create a Market, and In Conclusion… click here

May 26, 2006
Action at Last, Moving Back 100 Years, Fire Water, Police “Psychics” Reviewed, Religious Claptrap Outdoes Itself, More USPTO, Wake-up Time, In Our Mail, Greek Fire Miracle, Psychic Powered Down, The Warrior Returns, Skeptics Society Annual Conference, “Assist” Anyone?, Scary News, Simple Solution, Fatuous Claims Department, and In Conclusion… click here

May 19, 2006
Sylvia's Latest Claptrap, Boots Asks for Trust, Federal Pandering to Superstition, To Stay in Touch, More Blindfold Acts, Course in Codswallop 1?, Some Claims, Magical Change of Address, Norwegian “Healer” Convicted, The USPTO Again, Please No Photos!, Bone vs. Rock, Filipino Justice, Enjoy!, In Conclusion... click here

May 12, 2006
Benny HinnTumbles in Denmark, Devils & Demons & Spooks – Oh My!, Ongoing Complaints Department, Are They Serious?, How to Improve the Act, An Excellent Analysis, Heavy Reading, Official Translation,The US Patent & Trademark Office,Crashing Saucers, For Florida Readers, In Conclusion... click here

May 5, 2006
Imminent Disaster from Heaven, The Body Farm, Invented Opinions, Van Praagh Bombs Again, Offending Cash Cows, Item Revisited, Eureka!, Accuracy Counts, The Virtues of Education, Stupid Patent Department, Gresham Refuted, Announcement, Boots Speaks Up, Horror in the UK, Important Notice About the Environment, and In Conclusion… click here

April 28, 2006
Boots Again, PEAR Revisited, Medicine in Alberta “Advances,” Special Rules for Pseudoscience, The Lowdown on Hi-Fi, “CSI” Comes Through, Muslims In Orbit, Gary’s Back, The Awesome Power of Prayer, and In Conclusion… click here

April 21, 2006
John Edward Revisited, An Interesting Account from India, A Fuss Down Under, Media News, Quackery Offered in the UK, A Source of Inspiration?, A Japanese Magic Star, Dick Smith’s Iceberg, and In Conclusion… click here

April 14, 2006
The Unstoppable Schwartz, Desperation?, Trashing an Otherwise Good Idea, Observations, How Silly Can You Get?, From Inside the Temple, More Damn Facts, Puzzle Solved, Long-distance Quackery, A Strange Kudos, Exposé in Puerto Rico, and In Conclusion… click here

April 7, 2006
A Clarification, Medical Alternatives, Hal Introduces David Federlein, You Seem to Have A Dent in Your Brain Chakra, and In Closing… click here

March 31, 2006
Teaching, Hal Introduces Mike McRae, Educating Future Critical Thinkers, Annual Pigasus Awards Announced, and In Closing… click here

March 24, 2006
The Beacon, Hal Introduces Rebecca Watson, How I Became A Believer (For a Moment), Wrap Up, and In Closing… click here

March 17, 2006
Hal Introduces Robert Todd Carroll, It Makes You Sick, A New Use for Magic Mushrooms, Gary Craig's New Center for EFT, What if the True Believers Were In Charge?, In Closing… click here

March 10, 2006
Hal Introduces Robert Lancaster, Stopping Kaz, In Closing… click here

March 3, 2006
Hal Introduces Dr. Phil Plait, Science is Under Attack, In Closing… click here

February 24, 2006
Randi Update, Hal Introduces Dr. Michael Shermer, What I Believe - Science and the Power of Humanity, Challenge Update, In Closing… click hre

February 17, 2006
Randi Update, The Big Tent, In Closing… click here

February 10, 2006
Randi Update, TAM4 is Over - But the Mission Continues, Happy Ending, The First Step, Major Faux Pas, Poor Standards, More Emoto, In Closing… click here

February 3, 2006
The Amazing Meeting is Finished, TAM 4 Interviews, A Skepchick's Perspective, Scholarships Help 40 Attend TAM, A First Timer Reflects, What's Next. click here

January 27, 2006
Bigfoot Revisited, Not Close Enough – and No Cigar, and More Chiro Matters. click here

January 20, 2006
Bigfoot Steadied a Bit, Great Move by the UK NHS, Recalcitrant Rupert, Another Slovenia, Bitten by Chiropractic, Good News, Some Wise Words, Sylvia’s Super Perception, A Little Help From My Friends, News From My Home Town, New Book, Poor Peter, More Sniffex, A Good Analysis, Anniversary, Advance Alert, and In Conclusion… click here

January 13, 2006
That Fool Again, Sir Arthur’s Dumb Question, Investing in Nonsense, Stu Checks In Late, Browne Examined, That Dutch “Psychic” Resurfaces, Definition, Countries Falling Behind, Flamm on Flim-Flam, She’s Wrong Again, My Mistake, A Suggestion, Unemployment in China, and In Conclusion… click here

January 6, 2006
Netherlands News, Harebrained Father, Another Gas Gimmick, A Deeper Look at a Law, I Stand Corrected, Censure and Censoring, British National Health Service Waffles, Kepler Recruited Post Mortem, An Audiophile Sounds Off, We Repeat, Astrologer Redux, The Kemp Mystery, and In Conclusion… click here


December 30, 2005
From the JREF Museum, Slovenia Backs Into the Middle Ages, A Bit of Chesterton, Rationalizations Offered, Criss Angel Speaks Up, A Review of the “Heaven” Show, “John of God” Defended, McGill University Featuring Pseudoscience, More Damn Fairies, Petro’s Back, and In Conclusion… click here

December 23, 2005
Hallelujah!, Medium Well Done, A Piece of History, Geller Still Floundering, UK Quacks Alarmed, Tell me Everything, On the Internet, Complaining the Right Way, Library Responsibilities, A Science Center Questioned, No Hope for Whole Foods, Time Table for Quackery, and In Conclusion… click here

December 16, 2005
Local News, Whither Estonia?, Pat in Trouble, The Situation Here and in Canada, In the News, Holy Potato Batman!, That Stupid Patch Again, Astrology = Science on the BBC, Another Failed Test, and In Conclusion… click here

December 9, 2005
Intelligent Chip Not So Smart, Manifest Ignorance, Britain’s Psychic Blunder, Official UFO Landing Pad in Canada, Connection Terminated, No Joke, That Dowsing Rod Thing, Another Virgin in the News, Religious Test, A Happy Convert, A Tired Old Claim, and In Closing… click here

December 2, 2005
Teslar Again, Dumbed-Down TV, Thanks to Walgreen’s, “Creationists” Can Be Hilarious, Geller – Remember Him? – Shows Up Again, More Drama Down Under, Now I Believe, Another Win, A TV Challenge, Perhaps a Misunderstanding, Here’s a Sure Winner, Another Secret Subterfuge Revealed, Calling In Heavy Help, Does the Canadian Parliament Have Time for Aliens, More Wind from Winders, and In Conclusion… click here

November 25, 2005
Psychic Santa?, Sylvia Borrows a Phrase or Two, A Strong Fairies’ Union?, Money Comes First, Winders Whines, Developing Drama Down Under, Marketing Possibility, Always Wrong, Amazing Videos, And He’s the Prime Minister of Thailand, ABC-TV Stumbles Again, More I.D. News, There’s a Moon on this Horizon, More Falling Down Argument, A Matter of Priorities, A Change of Heart/Mind, Canadian Shilly-Shally, Attention Skeptical Montana, and In Conclusion… click here

November 18, 2005
A Set-Back for Homeopathy, Florida – A State of Ignorance?, In the Spirit of Jonathan Swift, An Honest Juror Thwarted, Welcome Response, Faith Poll in Britain, Interesting Observations, and The Omnitron Is Still With Us… click here

November 11, 2005
Derek Revealed – Again, Record Broken, Spooky Folks, Looking Ahead, A Doolittle Psychic, We Made a Fuss, Biklen’s Back, Speaking of Flummery, Next Will Be the Dictionary, Looking Back – Way Back, Where Religion Came From, Those AM/FM Spooks, We’re Always Willing to Be Shown, Quackery Featured at the University of Maryland, We’re On the List, and In Conclusion… click here

November 4, 2005
Please Define “Blind,” More on Montz, Atrocities in South Korea, Trudeau Still Scamming, I.D. Versus Reality, Due Thanks, My Tuppence Worth, An Apt Comparison, Book Notice, Unsatisfied Customer, Abe Knew, Lack of Vision, and In Conclusion… click here

October 21, 2005
Herbs and Stones in France, Religion in Disguise, A Gross Insult, It’s “Trouble” for the Deer, Quackery Through the Ages, They’re Still On the Run, With Their Heels Dug In, Dim Mak Dim Show, Litigation Against G-d, Obviously Bad Stars, Good Intentions, New Scientist Scores Again, UK News, Religions Value Questioned, and In Conclusion… click here

October 14, 2005
Same Old Thing – Revisited, Kudos Where Deserved, Fair Warning, I Hear Loud Quacking Noises – and Ringing, Massachusetts General Hospital Quackery Offered, An Interesting Hoax in Europe, More Fooey on Feng Shui, My Apologies, AARP Promotes Nonsense, Old News, Some Hope, Oops!, Journalistic Responsibility Ignored, Carnival Knowledge, and In Conclusion… click here

October 7, 2005
As Seen on TV, Canadian Educational Television, Still in Canada, More Parody, Skeptics at School, It’s Happened Before, Unhappy Student, A Bubble-Burster, That Theme Music, and In Conclusion…. click here

September 30, 2005
Good Move Down Under, A Fast Learner, A Proper Response, Entries Suggested, Zero Tolerance or Zero Brains, A Dilemma Indeed, Shooting Lessons, A Flaky Prime Minister, Buyer Beware, Did He Really Say That?, Book Review, Goddard Again, An Important Decemberlaration, Incredible, Erratum, Time for Hooting, Some Good News from Germany, Something to Read, How Could That Be, and In Conclusion… click here

September 23, 2005
Northern Nonsense, Scary Numbers, Sagan Remembered & Revisited, Scruples for Psychics?, Bad Advice, Netflix Bargain, The BBC Stumbles – Again, Hard-Headed News from New England, The Truth Is Out There – I Think, Super Super Magnets, A Gift of Questionable Value, and In Conclusion… click here

September 16, 2005
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, It’s Back, Choose Sponsors More Carefully, Ghosts on Trial, Truth Revealed, A Twice-Told Tale, Questions to Be Answered, New Hope, Epiphany Department, A Justified Complaint, Railing at the Raelians, We Sure Can Test This, Case Closed, Boots Revisited, Asimov Speaks, Picky Readers, and In Conclusion… click here

September 9, 2005
These Boots Are Not For Talking, Sounds Like a Poor Excuse, Bibles vs. Pizza, Orgone & Bions & Boring – Oh My!, Progress Report, Ghosts on Parade Unquestioned, Popular B*llsh*t in Portugal, and In Conclusion… click here

September 2, 2005
Alley Oop Rides Again, Off-Subject but Necessary, Scientology Quiz, Columbia Ivory Tower Remains Locked, Homeopathy Shot Down – Again, Trudeau Still Afloat, An Asimov Puzzle, Radionics Is Back, Tune In, and In Conclusion… click here

August 26, 2005
Charles Is At It Again, However – There’s Hope, Questions from Holland, More Well-Earned Lumps for Trudeau, Astrology Now Official in Brazil, Ya Gotta Luv It, Nemah’s Back, Very Wise Words, Poor Kramer – Chapter Two, Obviously, Where’s Morehouse?, Two Professional Chickens, Facilitated Fakery Again, And Goofy Too?, Scientology Gets Tax Funds, A Radio Note, Another Smart Kid, Quack-King on King, and In Closing… click here

August 19, 2005
TIME Magazine Boo-Boo, I Suggest a Gentle Sigh, An Open Request, Mr. Walker Doesn’t Learn Easily, On the Remarkable Tweeter, No Thinking in the Bathtub, A Puzzle Well Solved, Basic Science from our Favorite Authority, From the UK, Kabbalah Strings Along, He Got Over It, A Step Backward for Sweden, Bamboo in Australia, Math Is Not Their Strong Point, How Embarrassing, Psychics On the Job, A Strong Representation of Skeptics, On the Trudeau Matter – Two Perceptive Executives, No Mystery After All, Superstition vs. Science, Our Phil Sounds Off, and In Conclusion… click here

August 12, 2005
Another Silly Dowsing Rod, Statue of Stature, Support from a Bishop, Progress North of the Border, A Squirming Astrologer, Good Ammunition, Astrology for Airlines, God In Orbit, The BBC “Responds,” The Usual Tirade, A Quick and Desperate Response, Asking Those Awkward Questions, True, Pity Kramer, and A Wonderful Closer for This Week… click here

August 5, 2005
A Potential Applicant of Very High Profile, Bigfoot=Bigbison, Internut Advice, Talk About Misrepresentation, Another Dry Hole, Cruise to Nowhere, Good Science, Bulletin!, Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, Van Praagh On the Ropes, Dangerous DVD, Indisputable Prize-Winner, He’s Disturbed, Our Stance on Atheism, Another News Flash, Astonishing, and In Closing… click here

July 29, 2005
Been There & Dunne That, Ancient Flummery, Divine Wrath?, Transforming Your Money into Theirs, Up One Scale and Down Another, Religious Extremes, Error, Angel School, A Contrary Opinion, Re-Writing Astrology, Epiphany Time, Challenging Homeopathy, Do This, and In Closing… click here

July 22, 2005
Meters Galore, Quackery Clearly Demonstrated, Remedied Omission, More Ammunition, Guest Contribution, Jacob Chimes In, Interesting Fact, Holy Water & Red String Again, And Decemberades-Old Phone Directories?, And Not Only Failed Prophecies, Old Hag Revisited, She Ain't Gonna Budge, Useful Knowledge, and Our Electrifying Man in London. click here

July 15, 2005
On the Soapbox, What Science Does, That Iridology Myth Still Active, Maybe Not So Hot, Guessing Grocer, Char Wins, A Matter of Education, Cruising Back, Busy Bai, Turned Down Once Again, Much Grander, Compulsory Quackery, Getting In the Back Door, Accelerating Comments, Not My Library, Best Friends of Scam Artists, Tricky Billy, Excellent Rebuttal, and Another Approach to Evolution. click here

July 8, 2005
The Comet Comment, Bored of Education, Murder in South Africa, Oh Henry, Corrections, How Can You Possibly Resist?, Wise Words, Talk About Abysmal Naivety, Silly Question, Cartoon Lumps for Edward, The Geocentric Universe, Char Performs As Expected, Clever Fang, A Comment For The Times, Orbito In Hot Water Again, Quackery On Trial in Norway, Perhaps a Lack of Personality, Magic Rock...Salt, and In Conclusion. click here

July 1, 2005
Quality Control Down Under, Still Down Under, Moving a Bit East, Tom Cruise Actually Makes Some Sense, Magic Pouch, Serious Journalistic Lapse, Starch Detected in Shaw's Supermarket, Movie Review, Epiphany Time, Good Sense From Tulsa, It's All Relative, Waldorf/Steiner/Anthroposophist Schools in Norway, Ridiculous Claims, I'll Bet She Eats, Great Dowsing Experiment, Scolded Yet Again, Magic Mugs and Eggs, Smart University, Soul Innersole, About the Great "Carlos" and Zap-the-Scientist Show. click here

June 24, 2005
Silly Book Review, Different Points of View, Politics in Science, Flattered by Imitation, Texas Bum Steer, Science at Work, Another Boring Claim, Totally Convinced, Every-Day Stuff for the JREF, "Animal Planet" Taken to Task, Help, That Law Again, The QXCI Again, and In Closing. click here

June 17, 2005
Like a Pendulum Do, Detecting Imaginary Forces, Another Correction, Good Source Material, Funding Nonsense, Plait to the Plate, Grant Bombed Again, Wise Words From a Hero, Those Fake Artifacts, That Puzzling Dunne, My Encyclopedia, Geller Upstages Jackson Again and In Conclusion. click here

June 10, 2005
Smug Conviction, Yet More "Intelligent Design" Flapdoodle, Smooth Talkers, Those Artifacts on Mars, Put This In Your Yin-Yang, Dunne Well Done, Generation Gap, I'm Scolded, Half-Fermented Science, The Henning Letter Recovered, and Is LifeWave Lying? click here

June 3, 2005
Be Assured They'll Find a Spook, Random House Joins the Dark Side, Education Boston-Style, Education Netherlands-Style, I.D. Redux, A Preliminary Test for the JREF Prize Is Completed, Condensed Water, Announcement, Results From Down Under, So Much Fuss With So Little Evidence, More Damn Dog Capsules, Penta Water Colleague Goes Into Reverse, and In Conclusion. click here

May 27, 2005
A Year of Serious Thinking, Caveat Emptor, News Flash, Public Money Down the Drain, Really Second-Hand Testimony, More LifeWave Drivel, and A Significant Request. click here

May 20, 2005
LA Times Off the Wall, Whoops — Again, Dirty Bibles Are "Saved," Trouble in Paradise, Those Pragmatic Germans, Formal Preparation of Mythology, Challenge Rebuffed, Talk About Wrong, Playing With Fire, and In Conclusion. click here

May 13, 2005
Teachers Speak Up Loudly, Rubbed Out, Diluted LSD, Stuff From Way Back, Corrections Again, A Sure Sign, Bladder Meridian & Lung/Kidney Chi, I Differ, Silly of the Week, and Just to Remind You. click here

May 6, 2005
Free Amusement, Help from the Opposition, A New and Exciting Applicant, More Stickers, I Want This Bumper Sticker, Those Unmentionables Again, More Jomanda, Norwegian Test of Homeopathy, Do It and Win, Hot Cold News, Welcome Gratitude, A Hex Up for Fixing, A Succinct Comment, Correction Correction, and Science — Church Style. click here

April 29, 2005
Some Rare Common Sense, Seems Fair to Me, Correction, Quackery Brought to Account — A Followup, More Ghostly Baby Monitors, Informative Web Site, Swingin' North Korea, Speaking From Experience, This Should Work, Still More Stupid Penta Claims, A Good Example to Follow, Woo-Woo at the NIH, Ramtha Raves, Good UFO Article, Hilarious Blooper From Spain, and In Conclusion. click here

April 22, 2005
Modern Technology Applied to Ancient Superstition, BBC Riding the Irrational Wave, Chicago Virgin Apparition, That Silly Movie, Real Magick for Sale, Jomanda At Last Due In Court, The "EFT" Situation, Tellington Touch, More Undies, Sober Sweden, Where Those Voices Come From, Immortal Witch, A Pigasus Contender, Sure-Fire Method, Acorah Carries On the Tradition, At Last, and In conclusion. click here

April 15, 2005
Hollywood In Bondage, A Dragon In Your Drawers, Translating Officialese, TT Revisited, Look Here, Acorah Comeuppance, The Perfect "Out," Pezaro's Record, Questions About Astrology, A Serious Warning, A Good Example of Our Burden, Notice for Capital-Area Residents, and In Conclusion. click here

April 8, 2005
How Long Do We Wait, Rolling Along Down Fantasy Lane, Gallic Stars — Heavenly and In the Arena, A Welcome Response, How Embarrassing, More Puzzles, Quackery In the UK Has Surpassed Previous Expectations, Colleagues Honored, A Profiler Explains, We Asked For It, News From India, She's Baaaaack!, For Your Edification, and In Conclusion. click here

April 1, 2005
Capitalizing on Tragedy, Scientific Integrity Demonstrated, Kreskin Is Not a Breakfast Cereal, Ghost Story, Perceptions Revisited, A Silent Red Elk, An Interesting Phenomenon, Volunteer Call, Seeing Beauty In the Real World, Is Penta Water Finally Ready?, and Annual Pigasus Awards Announced. click here

March 25, 2005
Really Fast Water, Epiphanies, A Good LAugusth, P.C. — Again, Encouraging (?) News, and FAQs. click here

March 18, 2005
X-Ray Girl Heartily Endorsed, A Review of "Psychic Detective," The University of Illinois Offers Qi Gong, Geller Offers to Uncurse, Admission of Errors, Heads Up, Those Weird Senses, You Have to Wonder, Double Standards, Lumps for NPR and PBS, In Memoriam, What — If Anything — Is Washington Thinking, Hilarious, Hilariouser, and Geller's Got a Job! click here

March 11, 2005
Yet Another Psychic Failure, A Praiseworthy Epiphany, Silly Stuff News, Hungarian Prize-Winner, More Psychic Hikers, Faith-Based Comparison, Not Enough Evidence, Watery Coffee From Starbucks, Pet Not-So-Psychic, More Fishy Science, A Goddess Is Attacked, John-Of-God Again, and In Conclusion. click here

March 4, 2005
A Better Performance From ABC-TV, More U.S. Navy TT Complaints, Another Nail-In-the-Head, Desert Illusions, A Reader Is Needled, Fishy Business, Education Barnes & Nobel Style, There's Magic Everywhere, Dump That Girl, A Manifesting Capsule, Demons Are Back in Vogue, Speling Problems, My Failure at the Polls, and In Conclusion. click here

February 25, 2005
Thank You All, That Old Nose Trick, The British Columbia "Psychic", That Ideomotor Reaction Again, Therapeutic Spuds, High Hopes, Charles Is At It Again, A Good Explanation for a Spooky Event, Official Naval Endorsement of Quackery, That Special Bond, It's All Over Folks, and In Conclusion. click here

February 18, 2005
A Special Analysis click here

February 11, 2005
An Insider's View of Islam, Graphology Accepted at Rand University, More Kabalah Drivel, The Bubble People Are Among Us, Another Graphology Failure, Major Swindle in Operation, and In Conclusion. click here

February 4, 2005
Will This persistent Delusion Never Go Away?, The Vulnerable Never Learn, The Amazing Pritchard, An Epiphany, Superstition in China, That Lazy DNA, A Typical Example, Sticker Happy, Another Convert, and In Conclusion. click here

January 28, 2005
Opinions on Sylvia and Randi, That Damn Red String Again, A Proper Audio Test At Last, Varied Versions of Reality, and In Conclusion. click here

January 21, 2005
The Amaz!ing Meeting 3, Insufficient Excuses, The Wonderful Derren Brown, When A DOctoberor Is Not A DOctoberor, Dubois Again, and In Conclusion. click here

January 14, 2005
We Agree It's Hard to Fathom, Media Disservice, The Guardian Comments, Very Expensive Door-Stop, Useful Invention from Long Ago, More Quackery in China, Error, and In Conclusion. click here

January 7, 2005
An Account that Gets Lost in Mysticism, FSU In a Flap, That Bottle of Blood Again, Smart Girl, It's Worse Than You Thought, An Enthusiastic Fan Letter, Medium Very Well Done, Credit Due, and In Conclusion. click here


December 31, 2004
My Omission, That Prayer Study, Powerful Mistake, More TFT, Dawkins on the Tsunami Disaster, Predictions For 2005, Failed 2004 Predictions, Nutty Knob, and In Conclusion. click here

December 24, 2004
Alien Eggs For Sale, Pretty Obvious, Sylvia Browne's Methods, A Changed Man, Yet Another Quack Scam, Incredible Naivety, You'll Glow in the Dark, Sigh...., Sillier & Sillier, and In Conclusion. click here

December 17, 2004
No Sixth Sense, The Columbia University Scandal, Ilchi Lee Revisited, Char Margolis At Her Best, Another Medium Well Done, Uri Lays Another Egg, and In Conclusion. click here

December 10, 2004
Science — Calgary Style, Penta Water Pulls a Coup, Hero of Alexandria Rides Again, Holding the Tongue Is Difficult, The Situation in Korea, Wisdom From 1776, Well-Deserved Award, Bad Company, This Is a School Principal?, What Would Jesus Eat, The End of the Stereophile Exchanges — For Now, Who Pays the Quacks, and In Conclusion. click here

December 3, 2004
You've Seen It, More Name-Calling & Name-Changing, Alarm Bells in the UK, Dennis Lee's Back — With a Religious Pyramid Club Scam, Death Due to an Angel's Advice, Young Scientists In Italy, Lots of Nothing, More Science-Bashing in Washington, and In Conclusion. click here

November 26, 2004
Yes You Can Sell Anything on EBay, Fairytale Revisited, Expensive Turtle, The Audio World Is Aroused, More Puzzles, Happy Dublin Crowd, The SciFi People Are At It Again, Mass Suicide in Australia Fails, Pink Death For Charity, Wisdom From Two Centuries Past, The Light Dawns, A Diversion, Quackery Marine Style, AGI Fights Pseudoscience, More Magnets, Trudeau's Fellow Sales-Person, and In Conclusion. click here

November 19, 2004
The Un-Deaf, Another Matter of Taste, More On That Damn Clip, I Guess Stern Didn't Know Either, Ghost Story Author Is Amazed, Psychics In the Courtroom, A New Moon, Still Avoiding Reality, Do This, The Unsinkable Kevin Trudeau, This Is Not Rational, Dudley — Do Right, Spooky Magnets, John Understands Me, You Figure It Out, and In Closing. click here

November 12, 2004
Hot Election Predictions, Caution: Plumbers At Work, Ya Wanna Bet a Million Doc, The Devil Is in the Navy, Cremation Hurts, Support for Darwin, Lots of Noise But No Action, The U.S. Air Force in Woo Woo Land, Super Silly and Juvenile, An Apparently Genuine Conversion, Sad News, Mystery Solved, This Week's Mystery, and In Conclusion. click here

November 5, 2004
Is There a DOctoberor in the Place?, Cold Fusion Rewarmed, A Treat To Come, Martin Gardner Is Happily Ninety, Astrology and Electrical Engineering, Another Miracle Chip, A Return From Obscurity, Fake Flu Vaccine Is Being Sold, A Satisfactory Result In Canada, Spoon-Bender Complains, Yet More on Trudeau, Norway Reacts, Pardon Our Being Late, and My Joke Backfires. click here

October 29, 2004
Swing that Pendulum, A Matter of Taste, Trudeau Sails Ahead, False Accusation by Psychic, A Stern Answer, Spreading the Word, A Correction, Cause & Effect, Kramer Lauded, Welcome to Our Theocracy, Or 18th Century, Still No Answers, and A Bit Fuzzy. click here

October 22, 2004
The Christopher Reeve Death, Two Reviews from the UK, Arthur & I, Spurious Demos for Scientists, The Easy Way Out: Ignore It, Veterinary "Science," A Minor Victory in Germany, Legitimization, A Welcome Convert, The APS Challenge, A Fearsome Threat, and In Conclusion. click here

October 15, 2004
Gallic Wisdom, More Sad News, Calcium Cancelled, A New Ark Just In Time, Late Predictions From God, Mitchell Speaks, Time Control in Russia, Clipped by The Clip, and I'm Back. click here

October 8, 2004
Away From Home, John Mack Has Died, Taiwan Performer Fails to Perform, Phone and/or Bust, Feng Shui for Libraries, Tachyons Are Back, The Unsinkable Geller Is Also Back, Last Chance, Brief Apologies. click here

October 1, 2004
Court TV Program, MSNBC Off the Deep End, Help This Man, More Korean Psychics, Going Around In Crop Circles, Religious Mysteries Examined, and In Conclusion. click here

September 24, 2004
From Europe, The Psi Breakthrough at Last?, Waiting for the Right Answer, Deep Questions, Stereophile Again, God the Puzzle-Master, Scissors, Comb, and Crystal Ball, Send Them Here, Theocracy Denied. click here

September 17, 2004
A Course in Pseudoscience I, Get Over the "Code"!, Astrology Calling, Sensible Kid, Good Question, More Audio Nonsense, A Powerful Statement Re Geller, The Dreaded Geller Curse Continues, NASA on Astrology, and In Conclusion... click here

September 10, 2004
Dangerous Unorganized Water, Ivory Tower of Silence Syndrome, A Master of Evasion, Aromatherapy for Cows, The Color of Naïvety, A Taste for Nonsense, My Foot-in-my-Mouth Department, and In Conclusion... click here

September 7, 2004
Bad Guesses, Differences in Educational Standards, Living More Easily With Quackery, Precognitive News, My Influence Is Felt Again, EMF Comments, Stock Reply From KSTP As Expected, University of Virginia Gets Really Scientific, Glamorgan Again, That Gluten Mess Again, Two News Items We Celebrate, and In Conclusion. click here

August 27, 2004
Gluten Damned, Perpetual Emotion, Isaac Remembered, A Murky Clarification, Great Balls of Fire, Homeland Insecurity, Same Old Magnetic Flummery, Willful Ignorance, Secrets of the Street Lights, Due Credit, Yet Another Dowser Claim, The Glamorgan Matter Continues, and An Important Birthday... click here

August 20, 2004
Nonsense in High Places, Cataclysm in Greece Predicted, Ghost of a Bug, Magnetize Your Wine, Apology & Correction Department, Poo in a Horn, The Stupid Stones Are Back, On Further Consideration, Radin's At It Again — Again, Welsh Scrappers, Those Brave Ghost Hunters, and In Conclusion. click here

August 13, 2004
Permit to Swindle, History Repeats, No Ambition, Cancelled String, Free Access, Build a Nuke at Home, Radin's At It Again, What's Your Question, A Miracle, Real Audio Research, Another Non-Event, and In Conclusion. click here

August 6, 2004
String Believers Targeted by Target, Baloney in the Toaster, Saved by Old Advice, A Poor Mindset, Do This, And Do This, Those Pesky Water Bonds, Real Science Using Quackery, A Firm Offer, Motherboard Feng Shui, Monty Python Speaks Sooth, We Solved it First, Thank You Note from Down Under, and Healing Your Instrument... click here

July 30, 2004
An Incredible Attitude, Alan Alda on Pseudoscience, The JREF Million Is Surely Won, More Clustered Water, Museum of Useless Stuff, That Falling Rock, Earthed Inflammation, UFOs Shot Down, The Fickle Media, Patience, and In Conclusion. click here

July 23, 2004
Willful Ignorance at Work, A Not-so-Smart MP, Mea Culpa — Again, The Road Paved with Good Intentions, Faith-Based Fraud, Caps/Beanies A-plenty, Salt Gas Revisited, Those Dangerous Feminists, We're Discovered by Malta, Ten Years Ago, Hi-End Flummery, and In Conclusion… click here

July 16, 2004
An Excellent Scientific Test, Keen Discovered In Heaven by Schwartz, Refreshing Honesty, A Convert, The Ahs on Parade, Where is Hastings?, An Important Appeal, Funny Stuff, Beware the Deadly Salt Gas, Lethal Gem, Pezaro Goofs Again, and In Conclusion… click here

July 9, 2004
That Healing Prayer Brouhaha, More Pseudoscience Earning Credits, That Allah Chap Again, The Ongoing Argument From Ignorance, Polly Is a Fake, An Oft-Heard Question, Desire vs. Need, More Silly Magnets, And More From Argentina, Tom Paine revisited & Found Up-to-Date, Writing In the Air, For Your Analysis, and In Conclusion… click here

July 2, 2004
Another Shotgun Approach to Prophecy, Dawkins On Astrology, Foot-Probing Revisited, Another Reality Problem, He's (almost) Back, Honest Self-Delusion, Lemon Juice Solution, The Capital Mooned, Prayers Overdone, That Spinning Baba Again, Rob In Wonderland, Geller's At It Again, Maybe He's Doing It the Hard Way, PBS Hasn't Reformed One Bit, and In Conclusion… click here

June 25, 2004
Interesting Differences, Fightin' Over Phiten, An Interesting Parallel, Poor Alternative Performance, Finding Answers In Numbers, A Brilliant Perception of Evil, New Brunswick Running in Circles, Good Question, Perfect Example, and The Prize Is In Danger! click here

June 18, 2004
Remote Viewing Ninja Very Remote, An Annoyed and Greedy Applicant, Our Challenge Application Files, Offer to Research a Subject, The Fabulous Rolling Baba, Quackery In Big Business, An Excellent Example of Nuttery, Clever Hans Lives, Ivory Tower Politics In Action, Veterinary Quackery, and In Conclusion… click here

June 11, 2004
The Same Old Same Old, Astrology for the Kids, The Fabulous QXCI Quack Machine, More Sleep Paralysis, A Change of Direction, Positive Proof, Geller the Healer, Where's That Damn Camera, Blue Vibrations, Scientific Feng Shui in Wales, Beam Me Up in Seattle, A Century Ago in Spiritualism, and In Conclusion… click here

June 4, 2004
Mass Suicide Failure in Belgium, Whose Team Are You On, Vets Are (Naïve) People Too, Our Advantages in the West, Wet Behind the Ears, The Edge of Mysticism, Deserved Victory, and In Conclusion… click here

May 28, 2004
Reggie Had It Down, Dueling With God Must Be Next, Tricky Tricky, That Hoax Further Exposed, Call In the Lawyers, The TM Connection, Veganism Not So Dangerous, "SWT" Mystery Solved, Blowing Our Own Horn, Common Sense Also Not TAugustht, Tourism Really Down Under, Big Rock A-Coming, More Sleep Paralysis, and In Closing… click here

May 21, 2004
UK Nonsense-Again, Heretic Speaks Up, Ignored Law, Very True, ACSH Homepage, King Tut Curse Denied, Another Possible Modus, Gellers Powers Eagerly Sought, Invasion of the Quacks, Please Read, Timorous Magicians, The Guardian Surprises, Transparent Religious Hoax, and In Conclusion… click here

May 14, 2004
The Nine Lives of Katz, A Kudos, The Art of Recovering From Total Failure, "Organic" Carried to the Extreme, Astrology Reduced to Essentials & Hypnotic Matters, A UFO Epiphany, More "Least Haunted" Progress, Young Dinosaurs, Fun Site, The Geller Curse, Less of a Miracle, Exposing the Errors of ABC's Primetime Thursday, Invisible Critter, Coming Up in Italy, and In Conclusion… click here

May 7, 2004
Your Mission…, Redefining for Clarity, Canada Doesn't Evolve?, Haunted Computers, Check Those Undies!, Given Enough Time and Some Smarts, A Practical Response, Acorah Flounders, Bit More, Another UFO Fizzles, Another Adam, Another Glowing Grave, Van Praagh Still Trying Hard, Hand Me That Bamboo Stick, A Good Start, In Conclusion… click here

April 30, 2004
Bad Choice, Another Perceptive Psychic Statement, Geniuses Due, and Boring Boring Boring… click here

April 23, 2004
Seven Wrong Out of Seven, Straight from God, Science Dooms Sylvia's Guess, History Buff, Days of Oil and Roses, Defrocked Ghost, Not a Brilliant Success, What's Organic?, A Well-Accepted Epiphany, A Very Silent PhD, The JREF Challenge, Those Poor Skeptics, Geller Remembered, and In Conclusion… click here

April 16, 2004
Our Italian Connection, Does It Ever Work — Part Two, The Power of Adrenaline, Proving Gullibility, Imagined Forces At Work, Another Religious Test, Least Haunted Program, Imitating Nature, Give It Up Sylvia, She Outranks John & James, Now We Know Why, P&T On Geller, and In Conclusion… click here

April 9, 2004
That Remarkable Man, Does It Ever Work?, Claim a Refund, Those Were the Days, More Bullshit!, The Perfect Test, It Doesn't Really Apply, Another Epiphany, John Edward Is Trembling, The FDA Takes a Timid Step into the 21st Century, Meier's Evidence Found!, Really Bad News Via Sylvia, and A Junior Skeptic Chimes In… click here

April 2, 2004
Orange Lights In the Night, The Mole & Malcolm, Astrology Pays Well, Sedna Discussed in Depth, Democrats in Trouble, Surrounded by Naivety, A New & Provocative Site, John Stossel Is At It Again, Prime Error, Alternate Explanations, Where's the Metal, Psychic Premonition Fails!, Another Strange Person Applies, Regrets, Invocation of Higher Physics, and In Conclusion… click here

March 26, 2004
Why?, Finally — Positive Proof of UFOs, Welcome to Our Solar System, Even Better than the Polygraph?, Close Enough for Astrology, Riveting Video, Polywater Correction, Another Nutty Applicant, A Sticky Person, and In Conclusion… click here

March 19, 2004
Science & Pseudoscience: the Differences, Hardly Just "Adequate," Dawkins In Las Vegas, How You Can Assist, and In Conclusion… click here

March 12, 2004
Busted Miracle, Science Books Needed, Lemmon Museum A Lemon, Take Two Spoons and Call Me In The Morning, Better Than Nothing?, Take Twenty Minutes of Red Light and Call Me In The Morning, Frightening Assurance, Mystical Beads, They Almost Made It, Schwartz Loses It, Protect Your Nostrums, Day Again, Pyramid Clubbed, Make Up Your Mind Zammit, Something To Be Learned, I Have A Little List, and In Closing... click here

March 5, 2004
Newsweek & Schwartz, Kawa's Back, The SAS, Geller's Keen Perception, Treatment By Prayer, A Sad Tale, A Lawyer Proclaims, Hot Air Car?, Edward Challenged in Australia, Sylvia Browne Is A Liar, Touched in the Head, and Training ANN... click here

February 27, 2004
Dane Backs Out, Georgia On My Mind, Family Foto, Psychics Banned?, A John Cleese Surprise, Jim Thomas Drops His Suit, Schwartz Safe at Home Base, Products for the Foolish, KISS-Off, Eloptic Esoterica, and No Lead In This Pencil…! click here

February 20, 2004
Demons or Schizophrenia, The Maharishi Connection, Hypnotism Revisited, Ghost-In-A-Box Sold, More Super-Water on Sale, Police Psychics Fail Again, Mindsight & Precognition, Crackpot Hot Air At Work, Gene Simmons a Scientist?, More Foey on Feng Shui, Genesis of the Bible, Jesus Hit by Lightning, Demons and Germs and Cainer — Oh My!, A Tough Cookie, Homeopathy Further Diluted, and A Close Call... click here

February 13, 2004
Gary Schwartz Is Back, Tom Short Retreats Again, Murder Is Okay, Witnesses Wilted, Karen Kvetches, Things Volkamer Forgot, Natasha Flees, Feng Shui Problems, and Respect Withheld... click here

February 6, 2004
New Director, Catalog Quackery, Polygraphy Again, Hajj Havoc, "Life Coach" Bombed, Feng Shui for You?, Poisoned DOctoberors, Scientific Proof for Homeopathy, Startling New Form of Matter & Theory of Sight Discovered, Dowsers Flunk Again, Karen: "Leggo My Lego!", Natasha/Natalia/Natalya, and Another French Revolution, Spinney Exults, and A REAL Scientific Breakthrough...! click here

January 30, 2004
The Shadow Knows, Decemberisions, Decemberisions, A Believer Rails, Ancient Flying Tables, Getting Closer to Business, Talk to Your Cat, Will They Never Learn?, Compulsory Feng Shui, Paying for Quacks, Those Crazy Finns!, Magic Charms for Pets, and Off to Germany... click here

January 23, 2004
Geller Zaps Jackson, Witches Flourish in Norway, Changing Your Mind, and The Amaz!ng Meeting 2 is History! click here

January 16, 2004
Jacob and the "Thinking Person's Religion," Brewster Fooled?, Manek Decemberlines, God Unnecessary, Erin's Experiment Revealed, and Astrology Scores Big! click here

January 9, 2004
Crossing Over Crosses Over, More Dr. Novemberey Nonsense, A Vet Speaks Up, Moonrise Question, Norway's PM, Way Back Machine, Zodiacal Judaism, Repairing Horoscopes, Ouija Refund, Lipan Jr., Magnetic Kid, Stumping the Spirits, Scientology Quackery, and Ninth-Century Randi...? click here

January 2, 2004
Quack Book, Shermer in Bethlehem, NAugusthty Psychic in Pennsylvania, Reason and Faith, Vets vs. Quacks, Contributions of the Supernatural, "Healing Prophet" in Atlanta, Teachers, and Steven Lee on the Run... click here


December 26, 2003
Soup's On or Soupçon, Brights in Mexico, Kirlian's Back in Alaska, Flying Brooms in Norway, Who's Your Father?, Proving Medical Claims, Astrology Made Stupid, Horse Hair Humor, Popoff's Back Too, Jim Jones Anniversary, Polygraph Decembereption, Aussie Skeptics, Religion or Superstition?, Remote Blindness, and Ghost of a Plumber... click here

December 19, 2003
Izzy's Birthday, 7 Failed Prophecies, "True" Psychics Revisited, Magic Coral Castle, A Billion For Peace, Edward Reveals His Secret, Jonathan Speaks, PBS Quack Feature, Astrology Discovery, The DNA Brouhaha, Bush's Horoscope, Penta Continues to Avoid Us, Opinions of Pseudoscience, Browne's Back!, A Fake Homeopathic Remedy (?), The True Masters Are Coming!, and Parker Brothers In League With The Devil... click here

December 12, 2003
Soul for Sale, Confused Cleric, Studied Ignorance, Sylvia's Huge Phone Bill, What's the Question?, Ouija Workings, Unscholastic Scholastic — Again, Feel-Good Pharmacist, Fire-Fighter's Invitation, Rapture Notices, Nostradamus Anniversary, Korean "Healer" Again, The Science of Kirti Betai, Ancaster High Rules!, Amazing in Tokyo, Larry Turns Around, Atheist vs. Agnostic, No Body in UK, and Finland/Sweden Visit... click here

December 5, 2003
Jim Thomas Still Silent, More Dowsing Puzzles, Lumps for Randi, Evolution Via Computer, Another Korean "Healer," FinnAir Quackery, Magnetized Wine, Scooby Doo Rules!, "Gothica" Bombed, Canfield Opts Out, Geller as Character Reference, Mount Shasta Moved to Florida, and Does Penta Water Come from a Tap in Miami...? click here

November 28, 2003
A Change of Mind, Erin at SUNY, My Ignorance Revealed, Geller "Rescues" Jackson, A Sylvia Test?, Eric Idle on Astrology, Praise for Science, More Ghostie Photos, Macchu Picchu Fakery! and TAM2 Rolls Along... click here

November 21, 2003
Carnival Knowledge Wows NYC, Molecular-magnethydrodynamic Fields, Lee Again, Face in Peru, The Green Bay Press Gazette Falls for Trish Poole, More Afrocentrism, Montague Gets the Facts from Dead Guys, Fortune Telling for Kids, A Challenge to Canadian Dowsers, Pfizer Misses Out, Graphoanalysis Doesn't Exist, FBI Bombs Out, Swedish Murders Still Unsolved, and Million Dollars rejected by Jim Thomas... click here

November 14, 2003
Advice Kills 6-Year-Old, "Transparent Science," Pet Psychic Goofs, and It's "Carnival Knowledge"! click here

November 7, 2003
Space Mystery, Philippines/NZ Report, Browne's Book Reviewed, Sylvia's Problem Solved!, Canfield Accepts Geller, and London Times Reports on Prayer and Mother Teresa... click here

October 31, 2003
Trashy Science, Dowsing Fails Again, Falun Gong Motives, Andres Wins, Some Martial Arts Validation, Tarot in Norway, The Real Prognosticators, Norwegian Cultural Clash, Victory for JREF in California, and Sylvia's Problem Solved! click here

October 24, 2003
The Paranormal Pyramid, Seth Gets Rational, Pseudo-Homeopathy (?), Tests by CRES, Out of This World Card Trick, and a New Polidoro Book... click here

October 17, 2003
Falun Gong on PBS, Yellow Bamboo Analysis, Treasure Scope Challenge, Quackery In Med School, Scientific American Questions Encyclopedia Britannica, Vortex Relief, and SkepDic Is Out... click here

October 10, 2003
Oregon No-Vortex, Lincoln Embellished, Yellow Bamboo Continues, Free Energy in Sweden, Tarot Cards in Norwegian Courtroom, More Weird "Transfer" Language, Bearden's Back, Alistair Cook Scores, Readers' Letters, and Best Wishes to Roy... click here

October 3, 2003
Emmy Award Prophecies Flop, Yellow Bamboo Is Bent, Youens Denied, Park on Magnets, Pat Speaks to the Deaf, Raised Among Psychics, Observations on Van Praagh and Edward, Another UK Reading Autopsied, Doubt in Peoria, More Magnet Hoaxing, 13 New Commandments, and JREF Recognized... click here

September 26, 2003
Geller a Trickster?, Resurrected Chickens, and Analysis of a Miserable "Reading"... click here

September 19, 2003
Yellow Bamboo Surprise, Fear of Technology, and Answering Montague Keen... click here

September 12, 2003
Blaine In a Box, Religion vs. Science, Crop Circle Blueprints, Sylvia's Latest Boo-Boo, Karen Konfused, Darwin's Granddad Speaks, Saving Sylvia From Stoning, Lund University Goes Into a Trance, NZ Profilers, More Polygraph Pap, German UFO Proof, Musicpuncture, Excellent Junior Research, and Keen to Kriticize... click here

September 5, 2003
Benveniste and JoSeptemberhson on Abandoning Science, Denmark Gets Our Reject, Talking Pots Again, APS on Texas, AOL Into Astrology, Official Astrology in Portugal, Galileo on Con-Artists, Curing Spiky Hair, Rationality Discovered in Ontario, How Proles Think, and Roy's Rock in Alabama... click here

August 29, 2003
"Down Under" Quackery, The JREF Million, Race Touts and Psychic Friends, Reiki Disillusionment, Geller on Holiday, A Plethora of Senses, Needling Away Fat in China, Ingersoll on Religion, Weirdness in UK Employment, Ana Becomes an Expert, Twain on Hawaii and The Jews, Cold Reading Gets Hot in Australia, Pipe Dowsing in Iowa, Alaska Airlines Calls on God, The MEG is Back, and Forbes Touts Astrology. click here

August 22, 2003
Druids To The Rescue, Kabala Checked Out, National Psychic Week, American Society of Dowsers Is Reluctant, Enigmatic Application, Newspaper Mavens Sue, Zapping Homeopathy, A Reiki "Defense", Barefoot DOctoberor Goofs, Hypnosis in Color, Yeti Search, Feng Shui Solution, Magnetic Hypocrisy, Banking by Polygraph, Biblical Vindication, and Archimedes is Coming! click here

August 15, 2003
The Adolf Story, Theology Unfunded, Simanek Wonders, Tennessee Quandary, Selective Acceptance of Science, Two Alarmed Readers, Twain on Insanity, NCAHF Sites, Dangerous Feng Shui, Magic Pyramid, and A UK Adventure... click here

August 8, 2003
A Wonderful Test of a Ridiculous Claim, The Devil's Dictionary, Sylvia on Montel, Magnetism in Sainsbury, Mars Is Coming!, A Stupid Wheel, and ITC Makes a Few Patches... click here

August 1, 2003
Tennessee Fortune Teller, Cameras on the Moon, Scientific Feng Shui?, Hawkins Passes, T.K. too, Aura Patent, Saddam Sons REALLY Dead, ESP Test Problem, Grand Canyon Attribution, Kudos & Complaints, Sai Baba Slipping, Loch Ness Empty, and New Search Engine! click here

July 25, 2003
Why I Deny Religion, How Silly and Fantastic It Is, and Why I'm a Dedicated and Vociferous Bright. click here

July 18, 2003
No Atheists?, Psychic Rejection in Denmark, Psychology vs. Parapsychology, 1928 ESP Test Bombs, A JREF ESP Test, and More on Manek. click here

July 11, 2003
Another Breatharian, Sensible Danes, "Lectra Search" Swindle Revealed, Credulity Strain, Spirit Site Warning, Baba Back, Imperial Point Pointless, Penney Magnets, Real Nut Stuff, Which Witch, and the X-Windows... click here

July 4, 2003
Bracelet Bombed, Brights Credited, Geller Galled, JREF Funding Revealed, That UK ESP Show, Prayer vs. Science, Chiropractic Censure, An Official NASA UFO!, Ghost Photos, Radio Reversal, Psychic Damage, and Volunteers in Indonesia Sought... click here

June 27, 2003
The Brights Are Coming, Carter's UFO, More Money Curse, An Insipid Response from South Africa, More Witchcraft and More Karen, The Curse of Uri Geller, Opinions on Astrology, and the UK's Channel Five Fiasco... click here

June 20, 2003
British Columbia Goes Medieval, Doubts About Coral Calcium, Boesen's Back!, Voodoo in Denmark, Confused Astrology Customer, Feng Shui Fooey, and Suggested Caveats... click here

June 13, 2003
Likely Candidate, Drosnin Done, A Skeptic's View, My Q-Errors, UK Hypnoquack, Annoying Celebs, Alternative Healing Day, and The Ness-ESP Test... click here

June 6, 2003
Dog Talk, Tighter Code, Lena's Back, Q-Ray at the Kentucky Derby, Astrology in Chambers, Denmark Still A-flutter, Bad Money, Psi Tech Test, Dowsing for Landmines, Dr. Uri Geller, Itchy Baby, Holy Calcium, and Spook Photos... click here

May 30, 2003
Sylvia Wriggles Away, Real Medicine Works, Believers Objections, Those Evil Atheists, Denmark's Boesen Again, Q-Ray Quirkery, Skeptic Definition, Gimmee That Old-Time Astrology, Holy Water Crystals, Gays & God, Down Under Medicine... click here

May 23, 2003
Chiropractic Crackup, Talking to Water, Sylvia Emerges!, Bldlack's Lumps, An MS Miracle, and a Korean Magic Stone... click here

May 16, 2003
Football Fantasy Fails, Minerals in Detergent?, The Nature of Claims, Novemberel DNA!, Quack Panic Down Under, Horoscopes for Employment in Japan, VAugusthan Flops, Astrology Doomed in Denmark, Morality Again, Definitions of Intelligence, and Crystal "Bomb" Found! click here

May 9, 2003
The Skeptical Deist? a.k.a. Bidlack to the Rescue! click here

May 2, 2003
No Secrets Revealed, Roberts Runs, Lemons on Leno, More Polygraphs, View From Shanghai, Another Virgin, Yet More Kawa, Astrologers CAugustht Lying!, and Erasmus Signs Off. click here

April 25, 2003
Progress in the UK?, Official Lithuanian Delusion, Kawa Returns!, Erasmus on Delusion, Aussie UFO Crash, and Pointing the Magic Stick at Terrorists... click here

April 18, 2003
More Astrological Blather, An Official Complaint, Earthrise Denied, Yes, 393=666!, DOE Gets Unreal, Sex, Drugs, and Cults, Kevlar Explained, Susan Kawa Expounds, Atheist Morality, Pepys the Skeptic, James I/VI, A Mantra, The Marine Sulphur Queen, and Where’s That SRI Film? click here

April 11, 2003
More Attacks/Lies Launched, Megalogophobia, Einstein Wrong, Ephedrine Bombed, The Guardian & Science, Bogustry, More Fish, Remenance, 666=393, and "Dowser Brand" Water... click here

April 4, 2003
Homeopathy Fails in the UK Again, This Month's God, Lying About Polygraphs, Clustering Water = Good, or Bad?, Øjvind Kyrøs' Show, A Conversion to Homeopathy, Swindling: It's in the DNA, More Fish Stories, and How Does Kevlar Work? click here

March 28, 2003
Clustered Water — Again, Holy Carp!, Browne & Psi Tech Goof Again, A Good Science Example, Denmark Goes to the Dark Side, and the AAI Conference. click here

March 14, 2003
Honesty in Science, Bin Laden in the Bible, Samueli Institute, Pioneer Dies, Retreat of the TTs, CAM "Proof," University of Maryland Endorses Homeopathy, She's Baaaaack!, and Hypnogogic Sleep. click here

March 7, 2003
Thomas Jefferson on Stones and Perpetual Motion, Crystal Homeopathy (?), Geller on Game-Show Adoption, A Dotty Psychic, Homeopathy Blasted, and My Korean Fan Club! click here

February 28, 2003
Haunting Possibilities, Crystal Talk, Geller Endorses a Friend, John Mack "Touched"?, and TM Opts Out in Korea... click here

February 21, 2003
Amazing Meeting Summary, "Illustrated Non-Science," Borrowed Angels, Veterinarians Adopt Quackery, The Korean Penn & Teller, A Greasy Psychic Is Cleaned Up, and Banachek's Coming! click here

February 14, 2003
Ghost on the Bookcase, Free Energy From Sweden?, "Horizon" Effective!, The Wings of Jafar, Power Crystals, and Yellow Bamboo in Retreat. click here

February 4, 2003
The Meeting, Shakespeare Corrected, A "New" Crackpot Invention... click here

January 31, 2003
Oregonian Quackery, Diluted Snoring, More Fake EMR Protection, Hydrinos Are Back, My Newton Boo-Boo, and Endless Quotations Supporting Astrology (?).... click here

January 24, 2003
Sylvia Worried, Dowsing in Academe, Bearden's Bona Fides, More Santa Claus, and Omarr Passes Into the Zodiac.....? click here

January 17, 2003
Nessie Innocent, Sheldrake Lecture, Hand Acupressure, More Santa Stuff, and a Good Christian's Dilemma... click here

January 10, 2003
Duped Academics Who Endorse Dowsing Are Challenged, and Christa & Devon Stand up Against Quackery...and Lose! click here

January 3, 2003
More Dilution Delusion, The Purple Plates!, Amusing Ads, Conjuring Concerns, Another Dowsing Dissection, and an Important Puzzling Question... click here


December 27, 2002 Another "Amazing"?, Sports Medals, Game/Test, Magic Asteroid, Gold Tout, Qi Gonger Bows out, Those Fairies Are Back, and Off to Korea!

December 20, 2002 Teller of Bad Fortunes, No Santa Claus?, Politically Incorrect Astrology, the Sulphur Queen, Newton Lumps, Eclipse Data, Cheri Blair Again, More Ark Stuff, Andrus Illusion, and Happy Solstice!

December 13, 2002 Those Perpetual Magnets, Uncomplimentary Medicine, An Elegant Dowsing Lesson!, Blasted Cat, Astrology Dissed, Unicorn Bones?, Planet X Cometh, Eclipse Wonders, A Vancouver "Genius", and More Ark Archness.....

December 6, 2002 Amazing Meeting, Swedish Epiphany, Russian Levitator, VLT Validation Planned, Irish Medium Well Done, South Park Comes Through, Late-Night "UFO" Puzzle, CNN Reaction, More Measurement Madness, and a Great Danish Site!

November 29, 2002 Horizon's Homeopathic Coup, Cuzco's Altitude, More Funny Sites, The Clangers, Overdue, Orbito Nabbed in Padua, Randi A Zombie?, Stellar Guests at Amazing Meeting, and Great New Shermer Books!

November 22, 2002 Dolphins As Therapists, Young CSICOP, Q-Ray Fake, Astounding Geller Discovery!, Spanish/Nigerian Prisoner, More Balls, Fry Fried, Edward Explains, Dowser Lies, Keypad Follow-Up, and Moon Landing Error!

November 15, 2002 Stone Balls, Magnetic Hills — Again, NASA Retreats, Drinking Soap, A New Tarot, Online ESP Test, The Great Keypad Puzzle, America's Best Christian, Dowsing in Italy, Edward Hides in Dallas but Appears in Omaha......

November 8, 2002 Blaine Revisited, That Astrology-Validating Site, Twain Revisited, JREF Break-In Averted, Sylvia Abandoned, Psi Tech in a Hurry, "World's Most Documented Psychic," Aussie Wisdom!, and Geller Off Key.....

November 1, 2002 Myth vs. Reality, A Different Danish, Reading Records, Tests in the Loo, UFO Fakery, MEG Censorship, An Australian Reading, Exeter Sinking?, Sniper Snooping, Houdini Exhibit, Fox Moon Scam — Again, and Bearden Gets Even Sillier....

October 25, 2002 Sneaky Sylvia, Another Non-UFO, Astrology Test?, Anti-MEG Test, Exeter Exiting?, Michael Wins in Denmark, The Saints Come Stumbling In, and Astrology Defined....

October 18, 2002 Those Survivor Shows, No Predictions, Fooey on Feng Shui, Professional Liar, Space Center Flummery, Witches, Einhorn's Defense, and the Polygraph Lies!

October 11, 2002 Guadalupe Revisited, The "Real" Zygon, A Stunning Illusion, More on the USPTO, Please Evaluate Sylvia's Predictions for 2000, Cerier Again, Startling New Astrological Discoveries, and a Disappointing Article....

October 4, 2002 Strieber's Back, A Weed Grows in Pennsylvania, Some Good Thinking in Texas, Cerier — Part One, A Greenhouse Virgin, Spotts & the Wonderful Learning Machine, Swallow This!, and a Really Good Gig in Texas.

September 27, 2002 Heeeeere's Johnny — Again!, Much More on MEG, Psi Tech Gets Even Sillier, the Hawaiian Remote Viewers, John Edward in Buffalo, the 911 Lottery Miracle, and Nostradamus surfaces at Yale!

September 20, 2002 Houdini and the Rabbi, The Patent Office Again, A Perpetual Motion/Emotion Car Breaks Down, More Magnetized Water, and Just Where Are the Penta People.....?

September 13, 2002 Psi Tech "Responds," Verizon Astrology, Koran Revisited, Robbins — Part Two, A Doubtful Virgin, and Polidoro Hitched....

September 6, 2002 The Robbins Matter, Edward Again, Astrology in Entourage, Surviving Without Magic, Deadly UK Cat, Kyborg Pyramids, Allah in a Tomato, Magnetized Water, and Roe in the UK......

August 30, 2002 Big Reverses for Quackery, Art Bell Puzzle, Dennis Lee to Court, MEG Patent Reconsidered, Pat Robertson on Physics, The Psi-Tech Folks Under Fire, Geller and Football (Again?), Penta Water (Again?), Korea Calls (Again!), David Copperfield Honored, and US News.....

August 23, 2002 A Rainbow Fiasco, Tacky Band-Aids, Psi Tech Approached, A Smudging (?) Ceremony, Respect for Beloff and Krippner, That Room at SRI, and the Atlas 5....

August 16, 2002 Geller Affirms, Just Say No to Feng Shui, Very Highly Probable, Likely, and Expected, Think of A Card!, and the Story of Keely's Wonderful Machine....

August 9, 2002 Reformed Shoes, JREF in London, Paul Daniels, Bigfoot Presumptions, Last of Lucian, Morton Makes Odors, and Elizabeth Targ.

August 2, 2002 Morton Quits, Swear by God, Fun Dictionary, Ganesh is Back!, and Alexander's a Success!

July 26, 2002 Strange Judgement, Annoying Geller, Free Astrology!, Famous Cemetery, Lucian Part 2, Alex in Greek, and London!

July 19, 2002 An Empty "Empty Force," The Oracle Alexander — Part One, No Black Hole! A Red Giant!, Some "Under God" Opinions, and DaVinci Rules!

July 12, 2002 Coming Next Week, Evolution and Cold Reading (?), An Un-sound Theory, Atheists Galore?, Harry in Chains, Magnetology — Again, Those Damn Cherubim, Escape From Mother Hubbard, "The Amazing Meeting," Another DUMB Patent, A Suspect, Daredevil Meets Uri, Browne on King, and Another Strange Dollar....

July 5, 2002 Patriotic Stuff, Houdini Escapes, Remarkable Remotes, Time Machine? Jacob's Tale, Death at Lourdes, New Challenge Rules, Spinning Our Wheels? New Dollars, What's the Point? Tag — You're "Out," and Those Football Predictions.....

June 28, 2002 The American Way, Geller's Minion, Two-Hundred-Year-Old Stick, Clarifying the Challenge, Lourdes Is a Failure, Morton's Egg Trick, and the JREF Conference....

June 21, 2002 A Wonderful Project, That Damned Cat, An Unremarkable Co-Incidence, and Bracelets and Auras.

June 14, 2002 Astrological Alibis, Alternate Anxiety, Academic Acupuncture, Crack for Colds, Kreskin Kicker, and that Toast Test.....

June 7, 2002 Nostradamus Nulled, Hale-Bopp Revisited, "Orbs" Terminated, That $20 Matter, Aussie Miracle Device Exposed, Rods Again (Groan!), Charles Tart's Test, "MEG" Credentials, Los Alamos Complains, Old Earth Argument, and a Loquacious UK Toaster!

May 31, 2002 Hale-Bopp, Japanese Henriette, Cold Reading Lessons, Rods Duplicated, Horoscopes in the Classroom, and UFO Reports Rejected.

May 24, 2002 Gould Passes, Co-incidences, Naudin "Answers," Rods and Creatures, and Orbs (Oh my!), Astrology in Brazil, and the Hasted Report.

May 17, 2002 A Silent Morton, More Junk Physics, Creatures Revisited, The Jasker Device, Edward's Producer Speaks, Hasted Decembereased, Christ-In-The-Field, Florida "UFO," and A UK Healing Group....

May 10, 2002 "Object" Demystified, Pet Psychic, One More Stupid Patent, That Shroud Again, The "Creature" in the Tomb, and More of Those Damn Orbs!

May 3, 2002 Supernatural India, A Final Skull, Hilarious Name-Dropping, Phooey On Feng Shui, Dangerous Stunts, Great Limericks, and A New Contest.....!

April 26, 2002 Tender Rattlesnakes, Useless Polygraph, Pregnant Because of Needles?, Patently Absurd, Young Hungary Opines, Houdini Stamp, Sylvia Again [yawn], Alternative Medicine Gurus, A Cold Tumo Artist, and A Hellish Worm in the Apple....

April 19, 2002 Skull's Back, A Miracle Fizzles in Spain, Another Stupid Patent, Quackery in Savannah, Sidewalk Levitation, More Geller on Football, Dowsing Homeopaths (?), UFO Replaced by Meteorite, Ph.D. Nonsense, and Peter Hurkos re-visited...

April 12, 2002 More Deserved Lumps for Edward, Astrology Buffs Red-Faced, Astronomy Buffs Excited, Frederick the Collector, A French Fraud, Investing in the Stars, Medium Measurement, and Mom Shipton.

April 5, 2002 Not So, Sylvia!, Those Weird Snake Folks, Secrets of the E-Meter, Charlie & Nick Are Cool, and the Pigasus Awards For 2001 Are Announced!

March 29, 2002 Another Failed Dowsing Test, A Psychic Goofs, Resurrection in Nigeria, Happily Reformed Dowser, Academic Conviction, Youens — Part Two, The Coffee-Maker Is Silenced!, Geller brings Peace to the World, and China Gets More of Me......

March 22, 2002 An E-Meter, Sylvia's Lie, Free Energy Again, Commitment As A Virtue, More Coffee!, and Psychic Sophistry....

March 15, 2002 Cold Reading Techniques, A Threat Answered Effectively, People in Flames, Those Gemini Rascals Again, A Puzzling Tennessee Constitution, Florida Scolds Miss Cleo, A Tragic Help! Letter, and a Teacher's Aid.....

March 8, 2002 Baba's Back, A Previous Blindfold Act, and The Smart Coffee Maker: Part Two....

March 1, 2002 An Ongoing Case, Ashcroft Slights the Constitution, Dennis Lee: Another Empty Promise, A Damn Good Teacher, Gemini Crashes, Geller Cautions!, Biblical Argument, Financial Astrology, and John Edward's Legal Statement?

February 22, 2002 Conclusion of the Russian Test, John's Back!, Dilbert Visits, Prayer Power, End of the World (yawn), The Skeptical Dictionary, Accidents on the Zodiac, Alien Abduction?, Sagan & Whiteside — They're Baaaack!, and Miss Cleo Gets More Lumps.....

February 15, 2002 The Vatican Decemberlares on Illness, Monty Python is Blamed, John Edwards (Again?), Astrology Business/Business Astrology in Denmark, Moon Madness Revisited, A Dedicated Teacher Is Betrayed, And Part One of the Russian Psychic Test.....

February 8, 2002 A Constitutional Question, Chicken Astrology, Miss Cleo's Lumps, Miss Lulova's Tests, and The Case of Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility.......

February 1, 2002 UK UFO on the Highway, Something Rotten in Denmark, Semiotics, Satan in Florida (?), and a John Edward Analysis.

January 25, 2002 Sagan and Whiteside on Ghosts, Faulty Seatbelts, An Early Spoonbender?, Therapeutic Touch Again, and Witches Exonerated At Last!

January 18, 2002 The Real McCoy Retires, Too-Complex Complexity, Astrology in Finland, Murdered Worms, Another Geller Lawsuit?, A Really Bending Fork, and Van Praagh Is Coming!

January 11, 2002 More Dowsing Failures Down Under, Hold the Pigs!, A Bill of Rights, and Conjurors in Science.....

January 4, 2002 Andrew Opines, Over-Enthusiasm for Evidence, The Surds Are Coming! The Surds Are Coming!, Entrance to Hell Discovered, and Feynman on Cargo Cult Science........


December 28, 2001 My Heroes, The Pale Blue Dot, Houdini's Last Stunt......

December 21, 2001 A Very Short Commentary....

December 14, 2001 Twain Twain, What's in a Name?, Char Dissected, and Those Tough Water Decemberisions....

December 7, 2001 Twain Gems, Browne Update, Earth, "My Story," Quackery in NZ, Homeopath Nonsense, "Leap of Faith," Dowsing Tests Down Under, and Conjurors in Science....

November 30, 2001 Copperfield Demurs, SWIFT Reborn, Capital Capers, Test Question, Anthrax Cures Cured, Cloud Busting, Pet Psychics, Glory Dust, Kat's Back, and Tell It Like It Is.....

November 23, 2001 Witchcraft in Washington, Dammit Zammit, Dennis Lee Again, Australian Common Sense, and Twisting Forks for Fun & Profit.....

November 16, 2001 Blair's Back!, Dilution Delusion, Sylvia's Clock Ticks On, Reiki Reluctance, A Geller Leak, Oxford Exorcism, New TV Series, Steiner's Stunt, and Miss Cleo Crashes.....

November 9, 2001 Ruined Runes, Von Däniken Yet Again, "Overly Rational," Dennis Strongarms, and Cleo Crashes.....

November 2, 2001 Another John Edward Farce, Copperfield Revisited, Fake Anthrax Cure, No Fools at Microsoft, Ms. Blair's At It Again, Penta's Back, and Drury University Forges Ahead in Educational Excellence......

October 26, 2001 To the Dark Side, A Joke?, Astrology Fails Us Again, Free Energy, and a National Treasure in China....

October 19, 2001 Houdini Stamp, Incredible Sabotage, An 1841 Book, Shermer's SKEPTIC, and Another Homeopathic Swindle.

October 12, 2001 UFO Contact Day, Therapeutic Murder, IMAGINE, A Homeopathic Test?, and Nostradamus Loses — Again.

October 5, 2001 We're Ready for Sylvia, a Book Review, the Edward Show, an Appeal to Aliens, and the Physicists' Objections.

September 26, 2001 Iridology — Still! Astrology — More! Dowsing — Yet!

September 17, 2001 Vapid Vultures, Conrad Comments, Grodin Goof, Sleuth Sylvia, Nostradamus Notes, Etc.

September 7, 2001 Reluctant Wizard, Sylvia Browne — At Last, and Geller in Hungary....

August 31, 2001 Remembering Ireland, Martial Arts Warning, the Penta Saga Again, the Art of Cold Reading, and Testing Powers Down Under.....

August 24, 2001 A Classic Case of Challenge, Acceptance, Stalling, Misrepresentation, and a Final Retreat.

August 17, 2001 I'm away in Australia, at the "Ideas at the Powerhouse" conference in Brisbane. For convenience, I've prepared this and next week's page-change in advance, to be dropped in place by webmaster Jeff....

August 10, 2001 Brick Busting, Bread Bad!, Jailed Witch, Challenge Explained — again!, and Dick Smothers....

August 3, 2001 About Falun Gong, Wrong Saint, Yet More Geller Boo-Boos, Light on Buxton, Clarifying the JREF Challenge, KKK.....

July 27, 2001 Guilty Wizard, Cleo Vindicated, Good Saint Sense, Deadly/Healthy Magnets, JSPR, Astrology Again, More Football Fumbles....

July 20, 2001 Clarke on the Moon Hoax Hoax, Geller Notice Notice, Oberg Opines, Dates of Birth, Synchronicity?, and God Chimes In On Chandra.....

July 13, 2001 Space Ship Sails, AP's ESP, Weakened Water, Sylvia Still Silent, Dilution Delusion, Calling Cleo, Chasing Chandra, Screening Scribbling, and More Matches....

July 6, 2001 They're Baaaack! — the UFOs, The Wheel Is Patented, New Crop Wonders, The Soul Is Found, an "Extra" Attraction, Astrology Works, Angry Tice Fan, and Back to Matches....

June 29, 2001 Praying for Bucks, Lumps for Dames, and the Queen Downs Arsenic — and Onions!

June 22, 2001 Some E-mail Exchanges, Satan Gets NAugusthty, Numerology Rules, Bell/Dames, and a BIG W!

June 15, 2001 Astrology Blunders in Nepal, More Stupid Patents, Magnets Again, Larry King Show, JPL Goes Quack, UK Astrology Project, and More Triangles!

June 8, 2001 Good Bumps for Servitude, A Forgotten Encounter, Magnets Again, Patenting Sandwiches (?), Reiki Nonsense, Hellish Nell, and Van Praagh Strikes Out.

June 1, 2001 Radio JREF, India Validates Astrology, a Russian Applicant, Recovered Memories in the UK, Eating Ground-Up Rocks for Health, and *UDDDD DRRDU.......

May 25, 2001 A Sorcerer's Apprentice, Harvard University's At It Again, The Hereafter Puzzle Solved, Spare the Ducks, Religion in Columbus, and Another Damn Cross......

May 18, 2001 Fabulous Fossil, Radio JREF Goes Internet, Alt. Med. in Israel, Heads Read in our Library, More Schwartz!, and cutting another Rug.....

May 11, 2001 A Smart Kid, UFOs Crash, the AntiChrist Cometh, Naming Stars, SchwartzWatch, and Lotsa Words.....!

May 4, 2001 Pokemon's Back, PBS Endorses Nonsense, "Yeti@Home," St. John Complains, Talk About Dilutions, and Psychic Repairs.....

April 27, 2001 Yet Another Guru, Answering a Psychic, Sylvia Still Silent, Helicopter to Nowhere, Aromas and Wort Deflated, and a Cube.....

April 20, 2001 Cancer Quackery, WLRN Sells Out, "Science," Radio, Geller's Pals, Hi-Fi Fraud, the U. of AZ again.

April 13, 2001 Don’t Breathe the Stratosphere, Academic Imprudence, Oz Meets La Trompeuse, Another Browne Miss, and A Winner in Kyle, South Dakota!

April 6, 2001 No Earthquake, A New Schwartz Ploy, Yet Another Geller Suit, Crystals and Financial Astrology Fail, One More Million Dollars Offered, An Ancient Rabbi Speaks, and More Matches.....

March 30, 2001 Flat-Earthers, Rumpologists, Popoff Responds, Wise Haiku, Nutty Inventions, A Definition, Yet More Schwartz, and a Very Difficult Giraffe....

March 23, 2001 May the Schwartz Be with You, the Tooth Fairy's Existence Proven by Science!, The "Sylvia Clock" is Up, the Academics Check In, and Leroy's back....!

March 16, 2001 Sylvia’s Clock, Los Angeles in Ruins (?), More on that Larry King Show, Astronaut Glenn on UFOs (?), a useful "Top Ten" List, and from Triangles to Candles.....

March 9, 2001 Text from Korea, a Herd of Psychics on Larry King, Pop Psych on Today, Galileo's Day, and Bye-Bye to Triangles....

March 2, 2001 A Letdown, A Lift, a Mixed Review, a Federal Decemberision, and (oh, no!) MORE Damn Triangles!

February 23, 2001 A Medium Well-Done, Naivety in Academe, The Great Moon Hoax, and a UFO crashes....

February 16, 2001 The Return of Ganesh, a Closer Palimpsest Look, the Surprising Triangle Solution, and the Staircase Revealed....

February 9, 2001 The Greeks re-validated, ear-candling comments, Einstein on astrology, that dratted triangle, and a peculiar staircase....

February 2, 2001 Hungary Scores, a Guest Commentary on Homeopathy, Well-Waxed Ears, and More Geometry!

January 26, 2001 Computer problems, a Nobel Laureate reneges, more magnetic shoes, the metric system, and ...

January 19, 2001 A mirror goes up in China, a voluntary reversal, Indonesian complaints, a Duller Image, three more switches, and drilling that dratted hole....!

January 12, 2001 Bending Cutlery for Fun and Profit, The Tut Tale, Twiddling, and Drilling Spheres!

January 5, 2001 Support for my experiments, a vet speaks up, twiddling bolts, a demo of "palming," and 2001 gets started very nicely.


December 29, 2000 Anti-quack battles, a Japanese lesson, those darned socks, the Stupid Compass Trick, and get involved with SETI....

December 22, 2000 Seasonal stuff, beware the deadly red light, get a pair of socks, so much for the Zodiac, and bye-bye Millennium!

December 15, 2000 Find the psychic, look just like a psychic, don't lose your marbles.

December 8, 2000 AN URGENT APPEAL, the human brain and its limits, a guru on the griddle, white moves, and start climbing the stairs.....

December 1, 2000 A Cold Stunt, Clarence Rules, More Magnets, A Chiropractic Victory, and Kudos to Parapsychologist Wiseman.

November 29, 2000 Incredible City, Sad News, More Geller Protestations, and Polk County Still in Hot Water.

October 29, 2000 From China...

October 22, 2000 Cosmos is Back, Stan Marries Sophie, and a Geller Shut-Out, and a Safe Bet

October 16, 2000 Blatant Endorsement, More Security Stuff, The Indonesian Tests, and Romance on the NYC Subway

October 8, 2000 Expected Results, Gould the Skeptic, and the Last of Moe.

October 1, 2000 Airport Security, Surprise Visitors, and Those Damn Caps, Again!

September 24, 2000 Olympic Gold Medal for Chutzpa, Hairs in Epoxy, and Exorcism Fizzles

September 17, 2000 Cancer Cure, Bumbling Browne, and Dippy Dowsing

September 10, 2000 Florida's Polk County Does It Again, A Good Book For You To Consider, and the Persian Rug Mystery Is Solved

September 3, 2000 A Partial Florsheim Retreat, Those Dicey Dice, and Cutting a Rug

August 27, 2000 Shoes, Hell, and Whatever . . .

August 20, 2000 A Little More Shoes, Much More Dowsing, and More Chessboard

August 13, 2000 If 3 Magnets On Your Foot Help, Imagine What 32 Could Do On Your Spare Tire!

August 8, 2000 Shoe Sham and No, Ma'm

July 30, 2000 Spook Spoof, Test Tease, Wheel Deal . . .

July 23 2000 Nineteen Cogged Wheels Puzzle Solutions

July 16 2000 A Connection With The Very Distant Past

July 9, 2000 How Far Can This Farce Go?

July 2, 2000 Just How Do Those "Police Psychics" Do It? 

June 19, 2000 The Terrible Taylo Tubes! 

June 14, 2000 Fall Off a Ladder and Get Rich 

June 5, 2000 Wow 

May 31, 2000 When Science Goes Bad 

May 22, 2000 Speaking Of Farces... 

May 15, 2000 George runs into Science 

May 7, 2000 Speaking of Disasters 

April 27, 2000 The Damned Evidence 

April 21, 2000 Lives of the Conjurers 

April 4, 2000 Fourth Annual Pigasus Awards 

March 27, 2000 Million Dollar Challenge Criticism 

March 22, 2000 Crackpot Inventions 

March 5, 2000 The Problem Of Authority 

February 27, 2000 Science On The March! 

February 17, 2000 A Study Of Our Powers Of Observation 

February 9, 2000 Wall Street Moves Into High Gear 

February 3, 2000 The Fabulous Automaton Chess-Player (Part Two) 

January 26, 2000 The Moving Compass Trick 

January 19, 2000 The Fabulous Automaton Chess-Player (Part One) 

January 13, 2000 Why aren't fraud and/or incompetency looked upon as real possibilities in scientific procedures? 

January 5, 2000 The Florida "Swamp-Ape" 


December 26, 1999 JREF active in SETI@Home program

December 12, 1999 F.A.Q. Anticipated Lines of Inquiry - Answers to common questions.

November 30, 1999 If it's Friday, then this must be China - Randi writes of his visit to China. 

October 25, 1999 Is there no longer a celebration of reality?

September 6, 1999 "OK, When DOES it Start?" Randi is bugged by Nostradamus, millennium prophecies and sloppy calendars.

August 22, 1999 "The Eagle Has Landed" Where are we today, thirty years since the first moon landing?

August 6, 1999 Beyond Reason: CBS "48 Hours: The World Beyond"

July 30, 1999 Farce-of-the-Week via FOX TV

June 22, 1999 Science in the Courts

January 14, 1999 JPL's Dilemma

April 13, 1992 Time Magazine


1992-1999 JREF-Info List and Hotline (Precursor to SWIFT)