Lecture Series
Quackery and Health Scams in the New Millennium
How the New Millennium Offers Us New Ways of Being Swindled by the Con Artist.

After decades of investigations, James Randi reveals how fake cures and subtle swindles are more popular today than at any other time in history, a fact that Mr. Randi views with great dismay. In this thought-provoking lecture, Randi demonstrates how to avoid being taken in by them.

Homeopathy, a two-hundred-year-old "alternative healing" claim which offers zero-content medications, is now featured by major respected drugstore chains across the USA and the world. Ear Candling, which should have gone out of fashion with mustard-plasters and sulfur-and-molasses, is back as a cure for ear problems. Major corporations and individuals hire builders and interior designers knowledgeable in Feng Shui so that their offices and homes don't block the flow of "positive" energy while trapping "negative" energy. Hundreds of hospitals across the country charge as much as $60 per twenty minutes to have a registered nurse, who is also a certified Touch Therapist, manipulate patients' "human energy field" or "aura" as part of the healing process - without touching them!

On television, a magnetized bracelet containing copper, endorsed by a motorcycle daredevil and Senior PGA golfers, is supposed to help relieve arthritis and muscular pain. Those same golf pros invest in a magic metal stick that is "tuned" to find lost golf balls. Magnets imbedded in shoe inserts are said to attract the iron in the blood, bringing about better circulation. We strap useless bags of herbs to our bodies. And we are sold custom-made charts and diagrams that predict the future for us, or so we're told.

We are all potential victims of scam-artists. In this provocative lecture, James Randi shows us how we can be made more aware of how we are liable to be taken in, by the millions, every year.

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