Lecture Series

Prophecy, Divination, and Faith Healing
Modern-day Swindlers and How They Deceive, Cheating Us Out of Billions Annually.

"Religious" services on cable TV and after-dark infomercials are stealing billions from the gullible in our society, including the elderly and those who are less fortunate, by promising healing, financial largesse, and advice on people's love lives and futures, through charismatic preachers, financial "gurus," and "900 number" psychics.

So, why are people so committed to embracing this nonsense? Judging from the fortunes of televangelists, infomercial "gurus," and spiritualists who speak with the dead, we apparently are easily deceived.

This really is no big deal, right? After all, many of us participate just for fun. So, what's the harm? James Randi outlines the harm, which is especially dangerous in today's world of computers, the Internet and wireless communications, revealing these charlatans for what they truly are by dramatically explaining and demonstrating their techniques for faith-healing, predicting the future, and speaking to the dead.

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