Lecture Series


Randi's lectures are not magic shows, but are full of magic — the magic of understanding how the real world works. These are serious subjects that relate directly to everyday experiences of the young and old, in business and in private life. Prepare to be awakened and inspired!

Here are some testimonials from some of Randi's lectures.

"His talk was the best-attended and most appreciated in the series ... I think that every scientist and every student should hear him."
- Christopher Lobb, Associate Professor of Applied Physics & Physics Harvard University

"The subject of your talk, as well as your reputation, produced an overflow audience... It was the best attended colloquium of our series, by far."
- Norman Goldstein, Nuclear & Radiation Technology

Westinghouse Electric Corporation
"Your colloquium 'The Need for Skepticism in Science' attracted the largest and most enthusiastic audience that I can recall. A measure of the interest your talk generated is the fact that virtually everyone stayed past the end of your regular presentation ... It takes something very special for people to give up their car pools and stay past quitting time on a Friday afternoon."
- David J. Thompson, Scientific Colloquium Committee

NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
"Your presentation was a major boost for our TechLaw group. You certainly lived up to your reputation as an articulate, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker ... Your presentation was a great success!"
- Guido Calabresi, Dean Yale University Law School

"Your lecture should be a necessary ingredient of a college education. It should at least be required reading in all colleges."
- Professor Jay Orear, Cornell University

"I want to thank you ... for your informative and inspiring colloquium on 'Investigating Pseudo-Science.' ... You convinced a capacity audience made up of a diversified group of people, including many students, that science has a mission. We must be critical in our logic and thinking and not accept unverified claims or become lazy ... many distinguished speakers have contributed to the prestige the Los Alamos National Laboratory colloquial series enjoys. We are proud to have had you as one of these distinguished speakers."
- John C. Browne, Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory

To book a lecture by James Randi, please contact Linda Shallenberger at (954) 467-1112, or email Linda Shallenberger.