Lecture Series

Critical Thinking in a Business Environment
Increasing Profits Through Making Better Informed Decisions

A fascinating lecture on the importance of making informed decisions in today's fast-paced business environment. James Randi's thought-provoking presentation demonstrates how a misconstrued — but seemingly logical — decision, can impact your bottom-line by many thousands of dollars.

Mr. Randi reveals how in the new millennium not only do we have access to more information, faster than ever before in human history, but we also have access to more misinformation. His presentation is filled with everyday examples of scams on corporations and the government from counterfeit detection devices to drug "locators," from the use of handwriting experts to astrologers in choosing critical personnel.

In today's competitive business environment, we need dependable and pertinent information. This provocative and timely presentation leaves the audience with a new and deeper appreciation of critical thinking, and provides you with the means for making better informed and more profitable decisions.

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