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July 9-12, 2009

South Point Casino, Hotel & Spa

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Welcome to the home page for the biggest and most rational gathering on the planet: The Amaz!ng Meeting 7, a conference on critical thinking.

randilecturnFrom July 9-12, 2009, the James Randi Educational Foundation will host TAM 7. Our goal is to make each TAM better than the last, and this one is no exception: we have a fantastic lineup of speakers, events, workshops, and shows. From the opening reception on Thursday night, to a live testing of a Million Dollar Challenge applicant on Sunday, TAM 7 will be a non-stop tour de force of critical thought.

At TAM 7 you'll hear great talks, participate in workshops to help you sharpen your skeptical skills, and hear how other people are promoting a rational world.

Our keynote speaker this year is Bill Prady, Executive Producer of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory. Bill is a bona fide science geek who makes sure that every episode of Big Bang is chock full of science fiction and comic book references, as well as jokes based on cutting edge science -- going so far as to employ a PhD physicist as his science advisor for the show. At Comic Con last year Bill had the audience laughing so hard they were afraid they'd miss the next thing he said. We're very excited to have him take time from his incredibly busy schedule to speak at TAM 7.

mythbustersstageWe've loaded our speaker list with both old friends -- Mythbuster Adam Savage makes his fifth TAM appearance -- as well as new up-and-comers, like science writer Jennifer Ouellette and pediatric physician Dr. Joe Albietz; young skeptics and promoters of rational thought.

We'll also have our usual dynamite roster of presenters such as JREF President and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait, paranormal investigator Joe Nickell, magician and mentalist Jamy Ian Swiss, and of course James Randi himself. We also welcome back our long-time friend Hal Bidlack, who will MC the conference. We're also partnering with Dr. Steve Novella of The New England Skeptical Society to hold the Science-Based Medicine Conference, a one-day meeting about medicine, skepticism, and the need for critical thinking in the healthcare system (more information about SBM, including the speaker and topics lists, can be found on Dr. Novella's Neurologica blog).

crowdBut the best thing about TAM 7? It's the community. You'll be with hundreds of other people who prefer the world the way it really is: free from magical thinking, paranormal hucksters, irrationality, and antiscience.

Join us at TAM 7 and be a member of a community that's proud to use their brains.

We're skeptics. And we can prove it.

More information is available in the menu bar at the top of every TAM 7 page. To learn about our TAM 7 scholarship program, which offers financial assistance for people wishing to attend TAM, please visit this page.

[Updated (March 4, 2009): Emily Rosa, who was listed as a speaker for TAM 7, will not be able to attend. Our apologies for this.]