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Written by James Randi   
Saturday, 30 May 2009 00:00

clAs always, this last Wednesday was the last-Wednesday-of-the-month Open House here at the JREF. We had a full attendance of the usual friends, visitors, merely curious, and undecided, some even from out of state, who drop by at 7 in the evening to exchange ideas and opinions. Following this last meeting, one of our regulars, Collin Leach, dropped me this note, which I thought you should see. Collin is a professional massage therapist who has studied many techniques of his trade, and has travelled all over the world for that purpose. He first showed up here years ago at our door to present a problem he'd encountered - that most of his teachers in various cultures insisted on having heavy woo-woo as part of their instructions; Collin was unable to merely ignore these fripperies, since in order to obtain certification in a therapy, he had to go along with the teachers. Since taking these techniques into his repertoire, he has been able to omit the woo-woo in his practice and get down to the valued procedures that he knows work so well.

Collin has worked his magic (did I just say that?) on my ailing frame, and the word exhilaration only begins to describe it...

Written by Jeff Wagg   
Friday, 29 May 2009 14:11

Dr. Seth Asser spoke at TAM 3 about how religious beliefs can kill children through lack of vaccination. He's asked me to share this with you:


June 8, 2009 from 11:30-4 PM

200 Mass Ave., Boston, Mary Baker Eddy Library & CS Church HQ

Imagine you are a 7-year-old child awakening in the night with sharp abdominal pains. Your parents arrive at your side, feel your fever and look concerned. Then they tell you not to worry, that it’s all in your head, and they will pray with you to correct your illusion of illness. The next day you’re much worse and a woman from your church comes to pray with you, too. But you can no longer, doubled-up in pain, vomiting, unable to eat, crying and screaming in pain. Rather than taking you to a hospital, your parents tell you to be quiet, that if you believed in your prayers then all would be well. After you slip into a coma, you die the next morning….of a ruptured appendix. Your brother and sister are told not to cry, that you have merely passed into the next plane of existence and this episode is not to be spoken of again.

JREF Academic Scholarship reminder... and a bonus PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by Phil Plait   
Friday, 29 May 2009 00:00

The JREF Academic Scholarships are awarded every year to deserving young student skeptics from around the world who show an outstanding ability to use critical thinking in their chosen fields. Four scholarships are awarded totalling $10,000, and the winners are chosen by a distinguished - and picky - committee. If you are a student and you use your skeptical skills in your work, then you should apply.

And now we are pleased to announce that the pot has been sweetened as well.

Thanks to the generosity of JREF supporters Dean and Dorea Schramm, each scholarship recipient will also receive an additional cash stipend. The Schramms have also offered to the winners a one-year subscription of Church and State magazine, Free Inquiry magazine, or Freethought Today, as well as a copy of Dean Schramm’s humanist book Dreamtrial to any winners who elect to receive them.

If you want to apply, don't delay! The deadline for applications is August 1.


More TAM London tickets available! PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by Phil Plait   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 14:18
tamlondonsmallWhen the JREF opened up registration for TAM London (our critical thinking conference to be held on October 3-4 of this year), the response was literally overwhelming: the server and database both freaked out. Now that the dust has settled and we've confirmed how many people got tickets, we have a pleasant bit of news: more tickets are indeed available!

Rather than simply do a first-come-first-served offer, which can be biased towards some time zones over others, we have opted instead to have an email lottery. Here's the deal, as enumerated on the TAM London website:
1) Send an email to from the email address you wish you register. You don’t have to put anything in the email (unless you really want to), the subject and body won’t be read.
2) You will receive an automated response confirming you’ve been added to the database.
3) 25 email addresses will be chosen at random on Sunday 7th June. If yours is chosen, you will be notified by email no later than Monday 8th June 2009 with a link to buy a maximum of two tickets.
4) Your purchase link will expire after two weeks. If you have not made a purchase after that time, another email address will be drawn.
There's more info on the website, including terms and conditions, so PLEASE go there before sending in your email. This deadline is a little over a week away, so get cracking! And remember, you can keep up with TAML on Facebook, Twitter, and through RSS.
Kudos to Genie Scott, science leader! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Plait   
Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:00

eugenie_ncseAt the JREF, we're pleased as punch to find out that National Center for Science Education executive director (and two-time TAM speaker) Genie Scott has been named by Scientific American as one of the leaders in science education today. This award, called the Scientific American 10, recognizes outstanding people "who have recently demonstrated outstanding commitment to assuring that the benefits of new technologies and knowledge will accrue to humanity."

On their page honoring her, they said:

Eugenie Scott has emerged as one of the most prominent advocates for keeping evolution an integral part of the curriculum in public schools in her role as head of the nonprofit National Center for Science Education (NCSE).

We at the JREF couldn't agree more. Genie, who spoke at TAMs 2 and 5, is a tireless defender of evolution and its teaching in the classroom. She and the NCSE have fought creationists in many states, and are in many ways responsible for keeping back the rising number of politicians trying to wedge religious teaching into the public school system.

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