As we get set to open registration for TAM 8 (which we’re gonna do in the immediate future — think days, not weeks), it’s worth taking a look back at TAM 7 with the internet’s bravest, smartest, and most skeptical superhero, Captain Disillusion.

Now, the Captain is many things, but he is not the PR apparatus of the JREF. The opinions he expresses are not necessarily our own. In this video he pokes fun at us, at our associates, and himself. Do know that he does it in the spirit of fun and friendship. (It’s usually a mistake to be offended by a man in silver body-paint trying to dance like MJ.)

This is the Captain’s biggest video ever, which is why it’s chunked into five parts. Check out all of them. If you get to the end, you’ll find an excellent critical appraisal of Darren Brown’s recent lottery stunt.