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Note that the FireBurnDoctor folks neglect to explain how they’ll heal your burns from the other side of the state/country/globe/whatever. Initially, I figured it’s because they hadn’t bothered to come up with an explanation. Not so. More likely, they’re aware that the average YouTuber, while being somewhat susceptible to New Age babble, doesn’t have anything like the tolerance required to take seriously the theories propounded by FireBurnDoctor’s comely spokesnut, Alison McDermott.

In this interview with the New Age, online-only “Co-Creator Radio Network” (“Join us as we Co-Create the New Reality, NOW!”), McDermott explains that FireBurnDoctor is a “global experiment, a global test, in using a remote technology […] actually based on an ancient science.” She goes on to explain that the founder of FireBurnDoctor is “from an ancient lineage that dates back thousands of years,” which naturally enables him to use this technology with far greater felicity than those of us whose ancestors popped into being mere centuries ago. She explains that FireBurnDoctor uses a burn victim’s name, age, and location to “locate that person in the sea of consciousness” and override the “self-destruct” signal emitted by his or her brain when a burn occurs, thereby activating the body’s power to heal itself.

Our own Jeff Wagg tried to track down McDermott for an interview via Twitter, but she was uninterested. She decided instead to write directly to James Randi. Their correspondence was brief and not terribly fruitful; she said Randi was a fool and a liar and that the JREF would never test her claim because the prize money doesn't exist (but it does, Alison, it does); Randi issued a strongly-worded suggestion that she apply for the challenge and find out.

So far, no application.