In Phoenix, AZ, people are gathering in a pub for pizza and astrology. Joseph Anthony, a person who proclaims himself to have "extraordinary sensory perception," will give you a 10-minute astrological reading for $20 while you enjoy your pizza.

There's nothing newsworthy about this, and yet he's been in the news frequently, including this reference from the local ABC affiliate. You'll notice not much critical thought going on there.

It's interesting to note that he's a "psychic astrologer." What does that mean?

I have no idea. "Psychics" claim to get information from "the other side" or something like that. Astrology is supposed to be a matter of looking at the stars and interpreting their positions in relation to when someone was born. In fact, many claimants say that astrology is science, not paranormal. They're wrong (it's neither, in my opinion), but what use would a psychic have for astrology?

This would be an interesting experiment. Visit Joseph Anthony, and ask for a psychic reading. Then, go to an astrologer and ask for an astrological reading. Then go BACK to Joseph Anthony and get an astrological reading. Compare. If Anthony remembered you, I'd guess his two readings would be the same, but I think the second astrologer's reading would be quite different. An explanation for this discrepancy could be amusing. Rest assured though: there would be an explanation.

Oh, and if you look at his site at, you'll see that he's also giving lectures on the 2012 Doomsday Prophecy. In Sedona, AZ, Woo-Woo capital of the Southwest. Might as well cash in on that one while you can, eh? After that, you can move on to the 2038 Doomsday Prophecy for more longevity. Or maybe the 2045 one, or the 2056 one. OK, I made those up, but I wouldn't be surprised if they became real now.

My guess is that we have here someone who is willing to take advantage of gullible people of all stripes by using any form of woo-woo tactic he can think of.

How boring. At least his patrons have the chance to buy pizza.