As many of you know, I recently spoke at Dragon*Con, which was an absolute blast. Dragon*Con's crowd is a bit different than what you'd encounter at TAM or any of the other skeptics conferences in that the people there aren't necessarily skeptics. This leads to questions like... "Where can I learn more about skepticism?" That's a larger topic than this article will allow, but I CAN tell you what should be in your mailbox.

There are several excellent publications out there. I consider these "must read" material.

The oldest by far is Skeptical Inquirer. Published by the Committee for Scientific Inquiry (formerly CSICOP), each issue brings a wide variety of articles on topics that concern many skeptics. It has an excellent index of resources for skeptics as well.

There is also Skeptical Briefs, which is available only to associate members of CSI. These articles are written by the community's most prolific and favored writers, and contain content found only there.

The Skeptic Society prints the library-quality Skeptic magazine, with in-depth articles, beautiful artwork, and a column by James Randi. It's also home to the excellent Jr. Skeptic: a colorful pull-out section aimed at kids.

Some non-us publications include:

The Skeptic, out of the UK

The Skeptic, out of Australia

Indian Skeptic, out of India

And of course if you become a member of the JREF, you'll receive the JREF Newsletter, a publication sent by postal mail with content not found on the website.

I urge you to subscribe to as many of these publications as possible. And when you're done with them, consider donating them to an old age home or library. You never know who might pick one up and discover that they're a skeptic.