Remembering Uri PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Wagg   

Remember Uri Geller? It seems that new generations have no idea who he was, or what a "mystifier" is. Actually, I don't think anyone knows what a "mystifier" is...

So while Uri's star may be setting below the horizon, it's actually important to remember him because his story teaches us lessons. One man can fool millions into believing he has supernatural powers, unless he's tested under controlled conditions. And when a man refuses to be tested under proper conditions, well, that can tell us something too.

In order to help put Uri into perspective, the site has created a bibliography of Uri Geller articles. This exaustive list can serve as a research tool for anyone wanting to research the Geller "phenomenon," which in the end turned out to be little more than opportunistic showmanship. Visit the site with today's eyes and see what the public of the 1970's missed.