What would you call it if you combined dowsing, energy healing, feng shui and spirit cleansing all in one practice? Well, you'd call it Crossroads Consulting of course. It seems that practitioner Jodie Harvala can "dowse your space" and "improve your success" with a wave of her copper wand. She can also give you design advice, and if you're interested, she can provide reiki treatment too.

Ahh, where to begin...

I know more than most about dowsing. I've seen dowsing for water, gold, lost persons, and even paths people have walked. I've experienced the ideomotor effect personally, and can tell you how convincing it is. I have NEVER seen dowsing work in a controlled environment, and I have no idea how dowsing is supposed to "clear" a room of negative energy. Jodie seems to though.

A North Dakota publication ran this article on a cleansing done by Jodie. A few select quotes:

I observe as Harvala holds an L-shaped copper wand like a pistol and announces: “Show me the energy of this home.”

So she can shoot it? And only one? Wow, she must be confident. Most dowsers use two.

I find we not only have an “average” amount of negative energy, but some negative vortexes as well. These seem to be caused by a combination of naturally occurring geopathic stress lines, interference (man-made) lines and karma lines.

Uh oh, vortexes again. I had to look up "geopathic stress lines." These are similar to ley lines – imaginary lines in the Earth that in this case send bad mojo upwards. Interference? What's being interfered with? Oh, must be more of the energy stuff. And karma lines! Yes, Jodie can fix problems in past lives as well!

Harvala proceeds to “cure” the negative vortex and different lines by dropping slender copper rods into various corners of the room.

I wonder what would happen if your dropped copper rods in every corner of the room? But... wait a minute.. aren't the walls filled with copper wiring? Doesn't that have an effect on all this? I mean... they carry ENERGY! Oh my, and the plumbing! It's made from copper pipe!

Let's face it: either Harvala is extremely deluded or she's a con-artist. I don't know which. If I'm wrong about that, I'm happy to be shown the error of my ways. But if you feel "negative energy" rising from a room in your home, by all means, PAINT IT. And don't pay Jodie $250 for advice on what color. Find an interior designer. It may not be cheaper, but you'll be laughed at a whole lot less if it doesn't turn out well.