We published many articles where so-called psychics got things wrong. In fact, there are so many of those stories that we've backed off of them, fearing that they had inundated the site. But now, we have to report... a psychic had an actual hit. And it wasn't just any psychic, it was a pet psychic.

It seems that Tinker Bell, a six pound Chihuahua was standing on his owner's trailer when a 70 MPH gust of wind picked up the diminutive canine and whisked him off to parts unknown. The distraught owners searched for two days and in desperation, contacted a pet psychic.

And guess what? The pet psychic showed them right where the dog was. The Daily News (UK) article fails to mention the name of this amazing intuitive, but it does mention the technique used. The psychic simply took the family to woods one mile from their house, and there was Tinkerbell.

Must we all believe in the powers of the pet psychics now?

I think not. I find it a bit amazing that the couple hadn't searched the woods before. Having had dogs go missing in the past, I can state that woods are a likely place to find them. I'll bet money that the woods are in the direction that the wind was blowing too, though the short article doesn't mention that.

So yes, it was a "hit" for the psychic. Sort of. We don't know how long they drove around, or how the psychic decided to go to the woods. For all we know, s/he found the dog at the pound and took it to the woods to impress the owners. Idle speculation? Oh yes, but much more believable than a person who could talk to a dog, find out that the dog was in the woods, and then lead a couple to it.

Anyway... again, if this person would like to come forward to repeat this feat, we can have a dog hidden somewhere in Fort Lauderdale. If s/he could tell us which house it was in, they'd be $1,000,000 richer.