Here is a report on a crime with four victims and no perpetrator. In June, Australian couple Thomas and Manju Sam were convicted of manslaughter. Their first child, Gloria, died of eczema-related complications in 2002. She was nine months old, and had been battling illness over half her life. To deal with her eczema, she was treated almost exclusively with homeopathic remedies.

Today, sentencing recommendations were submitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. According to the story, Queen's Council for the Crown, Mark Tedeschi, said of Thomas: "His fixed ideas [on homeopathy], his arrogance and pride were the ultimate cause of him failing to get Gloria proper medical treatment."

Queen's Council for the Defense, James Glissan, pointed out that the Sams have learned their lesson. When their second child developed eczema, he was treated with "conventional" medicine.