There are hints that John Travolta may be reconsidering his relationship with the Church of Scientology after his son's death.

The boy was taken off his seizure medication because it was no longer working. Standard practice would be to try a different medication or a combination of medications, but apparently this was not done. Instead, he was treated with saunas, food supplements, Vitamin B and vegetable oils. He died of a seizure.

Travolta is allegedly disappointed that the church couldn't help his child more. He is also said to be "upset that senior members of the sect have instructed him to undergo intensive sessions with one of Scientology's 'ethics officers', trained to question the actor and other grieving family members to establish whether their 'negative influences' might have contributed to the tragedy."  Gee, I'd be pretty upset about that; wouldn't you?

It is thought that Travolta's son was autistic, a diagnosis that is rejected by Scientology. Instead, Travolta claims he had Kawasaki syndrome, but it doesn't sound to me like his symptoms fit with that diagnosis.

There are rumors that if Travolta tries to break with the church, they will release embarrassing information about him, such as allegations of homosexuality.

These are just unconfirmed rumors at this point, but they may provide some hints about the workings of Scientology. Wouldn't it be interesting if one of Scientology's biggest celebrity representatives defected?