There is a fascinating article in the Phoenix New Times at  I recommend reading all 6 pages of it to get the full flavor of all the varieties of woo-ness it contains. Sedona healer Reinalda de Souza is claiming that she killed Michael Jackson - with voodoo!

She claims to be trained in just about every kind of alternative medical woo-woo (rhymes with voodoo), including acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic medicine, dowsing, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, divination, massage, and lithotherapy. She treated Jackson with lithotherapy, having him bathe in tubs filled with agate, garnet, and aventurine. In a further treatment:

De Souza set about curing Jackson of what she called his "unnatural desire" through the use of black onyx and acupuncture applied directly to Jackson's genitals. Often she would leave Jackson on a massage table, completely nude, with long needles protruding from his privates, while De Souza went grocery shopping. She has photos of Jackson in this unusual state, which she shared for this report.

For payment, she asked for the skeleton of the "Elephant Man" which Jackson owns, (she loved the movie). When he failed to deliver, she sought revenge:

In front of the photo in a tin ashtray are a lock of jet-black hair, a small mound of nail clippings, and what look like skin shavings, all purportedly from Jackson. On the floor are three wooden bowls from which blood has spilled over. The rotting carcass of a baby Rottweiler lies before the bowls, its throat slit, a bloody knife next to it. In the corner of the room is a plain, white, voodoo-type doll with pins in its chest. Scrawled over the walls in the dog's dried blood is the phrase "JACKO DIES."

Apparently Jackson was no stranger to voodoo. In a 2003 Vanity Fair article Maureen Orth said he once paid $150,000 for a Malian witch doctor named Baba to have 42 cows ritually sacrificed as part of a ceremony enacted to kill off "25 people on Jackson's enemies list," including media mogul David Geffen and film director Steven Spielberg.

De Souza has saved various Jackson artifacts, like a cup he drank from that still bears his lipstick on the rim, and she is planning on selling them.

She admits that Jackson died from drugs but implies that her Candomblé curse was what caused people to administer those drugs to Jackson. She warns her other customers that they'd better pay her or face similar consequences.

An online poll asked if de Souza really killed Michael Jackson with a voodoo curse. 25% said yes, 62.5% said no, and 12.5% said maybe.