A world with an infinite supply of pure energy.

Never having to recharge your phone.

Never having to refuel your car."

In 2006, Steorn took out a full page ad in The Economist promising "free, clean, and constant energy.” This was notable not only because it was at odds with the known laws of physics, but also because The Economist is an unusual place to announce a breakthrough that would change just about everything we know about the world around us. Randi commented on their follies here.

In 2007, the promised test of their “Orbo” device came… and sadly, the device couldn’t handle the “hot lights” of the test environment. Later, they blamed an “internal greenhouse effect.”

Fair enough (not really), what’s happened with the device since?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I still get an electric bill every month.

According to the Irish Times, Steorn recently announced that the jury of scientists appointed to study their product has quit, and that no further information will be available. Read the entire Irish Times article, as it says all that needs to said.

Steorn made promises, and apparently they can’t keep them. No one is surprised. In the meantime, scientists will continue to look for better sources of energy, and at least some investors learned about the expression "There's no such thing as a free lunch."