tamyspeakerIf you are attending The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 and will still be at South Point at 1pm on Sunday, you will have the opportunity to witness the largest preliminary Challenge test ever conducted in the history of the Million Dollar Challenge.

Connie Sonne, a dowser from Denmark, will attempt to dowse for the contents of sealed envelopes in front of a live audience that will hopefully include you.

Famed mentalist, Banachek, will conduct the test, and it will be attended by famous skeptics and critical thinkers from all over the world like Penn & Teller, Dr. Michael Shermer, Captain Disillusion, George Hrab, and more.

If you attend the Million Dollar Challenge workshop, you will have the opportunity to earn an MDC Guru pin, which will get you VIP seating at the test.

But as exciting as all this is, you might be a little confused about who Connie Sonne is and what her claims are. I interviewed Connie via e-mail to introduce her to you.

Here are some of her comments, which have not been altered in any way.

Alison: Would you please give our readers a summary of your abilities?

Connie: My abilities are several, it depend on the situation I`m in, what I`m allowed to do. About dowsing: I can get question answered, they write sentence for me, using letters and numbers and they can write on my computer too. If I have the letters written on cardboards  on the table with the backside up, I can dowse names of persons I don`t know, I can find numbers, places, names, anything, eventhough I can`t see what`s on the cardboards. People can give me questions. Only the persons, who are asking, knows the answer. I can give the right answer in three ways. YES og NO answer with dowsing or I can give the answer with sentence, using letters on the table, dowsing for it, OR I get the answer directly in my head and can answer.

I can get answers from the animals too or other people, I can get dogs shaking their heads, yawn and other things. I can get people scratch themself, yawn and so. I can get goldleafs ( pieces of metal used for decorating things ) move in the air in a uncommon way. But there`s many many other things.

Alison: When did you first discover you had abilities?

Connie: I discovered my abilities in october 2007. I got a pendulum, a cristalball for my window, but a friend told me that I could dowse with it. I had never done such things before, but suddenly(in one night) I were able to do surprising and amazing things. The story is very very long, this is only the beginning.

Alison: Where do you think your abilities come from?

Connie: I know who is behind my abilities. I know whom they are, what they are, and who I am and why it`s me, they "woke" up. I know who they look like, where they are and much more, but I will wait telling about this until after the challenge. But I can say: There`s no ghost`s, no spirits, no religion or whatever, and I`m only the contactperson.

Alison: How have you previously tested and verified your abilities?

Connie: I have tested all my abilities in different way with different witness many times. The first time ever, I told my parents of this, I convinced them like that: I wrote all the letters down  on cardboards. Placed them in a horseshoeshape on the table with the backsid up. It was very thick cardboards, so I couldn`t see the letters at all. My dad mixed the cards and placed them on the table in front of me. His name is Viggo, and I spelled his name, by dowsing, without one missing letter ! He was convinced.

Several people have seen me dowsing and my parents and other people have a connection too now. With my mom as a witness, I placed my foot/leg in a pond in winthertime 2007 without being wet at all. I grew tropical gardenplants (orchids) in my garden( in frost and snow) and several people have seen me talking with animals, where they answered me. So yes, all my abilities are tested with witness too. And this is only a small part of it.

Alison: Where did you first hear about the JREF's Million Dollar Challenge?

Connie: About JREF, I had never heard of it until I, last year, came to the website, when I was looking for other things on the internet. Then I realized that it could be the way to "open up" people`s eyes among other things.

Alison: Do you think that the JREF has treated you fairly in regards to the Million Dollar Challenge?

Connie: Yes JREF has been treating me very fairly and kind all the way.

Alison: Do you believe you will pass the test?

Connie: Yes, I believe I pass the test.

Alison: Are you excited about attending TAM?

Connie: I don`t know if I`m excited, it`s not the right word to use. I`m very happy to attend TAM, because it will give me the possibility to show many people at the same time, that there`s much more than we can see.

Alison: Do you plan to attend other TAM events?

Connie: I have not planned to attend other TAM events, but we`ll see, what happend.