marmiteMarmite is a yeast paste favored by Brits and Aussies, but somewhat shunned in the states. Having actually tried the stuff, I do wonder how folks can enjoy it. But then again, I like peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches, and I understand that marshmallow creme is a rather American phenomenon.

And though I've opened exactly one lid of marmite and countless dozens of lids of marshmallow creme, I can't say that I ever noticed anything quite as noteworthy as that which Claire Allen discovered on the lid of her marmite jar as she made lunch for her four year old son.

I find an interesting parallel here. First, not having grown up with marmite, I'd never consider serving it to my kids as I think it's inedible. Second, I don't see anything that resembles "Jesus" in the lid. Given that there's no photographic or other visual record of Jesus, his Mom, or anyone else in his family, I do wonder why people assume that any vaguely face-like shape, which our brains are so keenly wired to detect, is Jesus or Mary. Honestly, it looks like a random smear of marmite to me.

montoyaBut... if I look closely and squint, I can see the face of someone who I've encountered on screens big and small. Given this well-known character's insatiable appetite for revenge, it seems likely that even a jar of marmite would offer no refuge for the man who killed his father.

If had six fingers, I might find this particular jar a bit disturbing.