sapsstickersmallYou might’ve noticed that SAPS has, lately, fallen off the grid a little while I sat around contemplating the wisdom of being on a television show called Door to the Dead.

With The Amaz!ng Meeting coming so fast, though, I’ve been forced out of my funk and into participating in a big way.

SAPS is involved in a lot of events at TAM 7, and here are some of them, if you’d like to be involved too.

Food Drive

SAPS is hosting a food drive to benefit the non-profit food hub Three Square. Since we know that many of you are travelling far to attend TAM and might not have immediate access to a grocery store, we’ll have cans of food on-hand available for purchase by you.

SAPS will be lugging around cans of tuna fish which will be available to TAM-goers for purchase. Each can will cost five dollars. After you purchase the tuna fish, you can drop it into the Three Square donation box. With all the proceeds from the drive (as you might realize, $5 is way more than the cost of a can of tuna) we’ll be buying more cans. We are hoping to get every single can of tuna fish in Las Vegas to Three Square!

If you’re around on Monday and have transportation, join us as we drop the food off at Three Square. Hopefully we’ll need some people capable of heavy lifting because there are so many cans!


Yep, SAPS is bringing swag to TAM, just like last year. We’ll have SAPS No Ghost stickers (designed by TPrime) and glowing ghost pins for free, for TAM-goers. Be sure to take a photograph of yourself wearing your SAPS sticker doing something fun, and we’ll include you in the SAPS sticker gallery alongside fabulous skeptics like Dr. Michael Shermer and George Hrab.

If you can’t find a SAPS member, stop by the forum table to pick up your No Ghost sticker. But we should be pretty easy to find because of the…


With funding from Fitter, who is a fantastic person, SAPS is able to yet again have our portable office unit, the ECTO-III Red Wagon. If you’re looking to purchase a can of tuna fish for Three Square or get some SAPS swag, just follow the Red Wagon, and we’ll be there to help you out! As usual, at the close of the event, the ECTO unit will be donated to local children.

Speaking of following the Red Wagon – if you have a Twitter account and want to keep up on SAPS investigations and events, be sure to follow us!

Psychic Readings

We at SAPS have many talents, and yet we’re not going to participate in the Talent Show – at least not on the stage. I’ll be giving Love Fortunes during the talent show to interested parties for whatever amount you’d like to donate – and all donated funds go to the JREF.

I’ll have a table set up, and may even come in my esoteric medium costume! If you’ve never had a psychic reading before, get one from a skeptic who doesn’t even believe her own readings!

Entrance to the talent show is $15, and can be paid either in advance or at the door. Even if you don’t want a reading, sign up simply for the wonderful talent we’ll have onstage.


Yep, SAPS is jumping back in the game! I hope to see you at TAM!