What is it with Baseball players? They're big, strong, well-paid... and yet some of them are afraid to sleep in a hotel alone.

No, I'm not making this up. Others sleep with a baseball bat by their side. Are they afraid of paparazzi? Jealous wives and girlfriends? No. They're afraid of ghosts.

WISN in Milwaukee reports that a local hotel, the newly remodeled Pfister, is scaring ballplayers from many visiting teams. You can check out their video report here.

From the article:

"There was a few people that said there was particular floor -- I don't know which one. But there might be some chains rattling or something at night," Trevor Hoffman said.

"The halls seem like they're really creepy. You know, just really cringy a lot," Mike Cameron said. A player for the Dodgers has been known to sleep with a baseball bat for protection after hearing odd noises. And two pairs of Florida Marlins players reportedly demand to share a room when they're in Milwaukee because they're afraid of ghosts.

Did he just say "cringy"? He did. Now honestly, I'm sure there are a lot of things to be afraid of in Milwaukee, such as this. But grown men afraid to sleep alone because of ghosts is a bit much for our national pasttime to handle, I think.

So if your favorite team happens to be the Brewers, and the visiting team is pitching, you just might want to stand behind home plate with a sheet over your head, and point the fickle finger of fate at them. Just don't visit the Pfister dressed like that, or you might be hit with a bat.

And yes, I suspect WISN had a slow news day and decided to manufacture a story. Sigh.