I've often said that it's hard to anticipate how silly, illogical, fuzzy-thinking, and downright stupid that people - or organizations - can get. This time, it's a prominent newspaper...

The Washington Post is Washington, D.C.'s oldest paper, founded in 1877. It has a daily printed circulation of 700,000 copies, is a Pulitzer Prize winner, and has the largest circulation in Washington. They proudly assert:

More than 9.6 million of the smartest business leaders and key opinion leaders nationwide and worldwide turn to washingtonpost.com, their trusted source for unique insight vital to business and life.

No, not the smartest. Perhaps those who want to see how the Dumbos of the country are thinking, but not necessarily the smartest. I invite you to go to their senate votes section where you'll be able to examine the U.S. Congress Votes Data base. On the leer "Vote Totals" in red, click on "By astrological sign." Duh.

The Washington Post newspaper actually lists the astrological signs of the voting Senators!

I ask you, do other newspapers run this critical aspect of Washington politics? How embarrassing for, and demeaning to, the American public. What genius in the upper echelons of the Washington Post came up with this idiocy...?

Jeff Wagg has commented that the Post should perhaps list shoe sizes for the Senators - a far more useful bit of data...

Thanks to Dean Schramm for calling this to our attention.