clAs always, this last Wednesday was the last-Wednesday-of-the-month Open House here at the JREF. We had a full attendance of the usual friends, visitors, merely curious, and undecided, some even from out of state, who drop by at 7 in the evening to exchange ideas and opinions. Following this last meeting, one of our regulars, Collin Leach, dropped me this note, which I thought you should see. Collin is a professional massage therapist who has studied many techniques of his trade, and has travelled all over the world for that purpose. He first showed up here years ago at our door to present a problem he'd encountered - that most of his teachers in various cultures insisted on having heavy woo-woo as part of their instructions; Collin was unable to merely ignore these fripperies, since in order to obtain certification in a therapy, he had to go along with the teachers. Since taking these techniques into his repertoire, he has been able to omit the woo-woo in his practice and get down to the valued procedures that he knows work so well.

Collin has worked his magic (did I just say that?) on my ailing frame, and the word exhilaration only begins to describe it...

He e-mailed me this morning, ending with this:

As usual people approached me after the meeting enquiring about Reiki. I'm impressed that it's such an enduring fad. I guess it hasĀ an alluring mix of eastern mystique presented within Christian gift wrapping, at a time when all kinds of "healing" modalities are increasingly popular. I like to recommend that people can enjoy ritual and touch amongst each other more regularly without remuneration.

Well said, Collin.

Hey, any of you folks who find yourselves in South Florida at the end of a month, look up the last Wednesday and plan to drop by at 7 p.m. for a couple hours of interesting conversation. The doors are open, coffee and cookies are available, and riots are kept minimal... It's my job to empty the place out at about 9:30 or so, but I always pull away leaving a dozen or so diehards milling about in the parking lot.

I love my job...