vince4You've seen your share of informercials: over-the-top claims, annoying announcers, and products that seem miraculous. Why do I know the name "Billy Mays"? Do I care who's pitching this stuff?

Anyway... what if skepticism was sold the same way? What if you turned on the History Channel at 4am, and found a pitchman selling critical thinking, science, and skepticism?

No, I don't think it will ever happen either, but the folks at Action Skeptic decided to play with the idea in their 111th Skeptics Circle.

Unlike your typical 30 minute paid advertisement, Action Skeptics have put together a very dense and entertaining tour through some of today's hot issues:

You see this? All right, now you put your physics woo in there. Add your medical child neglect, your Camp Inquiry, your anti-vax quackery right there. We're gonna make the world smart again, one slap at a time.

It's a fun idea, and a great way to explore some new sites. Take a look, and I'll bet you see something new.

Act now! Don't delay! And... oh nevermind. I'll never be cool like Vince.