ufobibleHere at the JREF, we believe in UFOs. That is, we believe that there are Flying Objects that for a time can be Unidentified. Most of these sightings have a rational explanation, however some remain unexplained. And then there are cases like this one.

Probably the most well-known UFO incident in the United States is the Roswell Crash, in New Mexico. The common rational explanation is that a secret balloon project crashed there, causing the military to act in a secretive fashion, which in turn gave fodder to the "alien spaceship" theory of so much contemporary lore.

However, at this year's UFO Festival (July 3-5... you can do this and still make TAM 7!), a Christian group plans to expose the "real" explanation for the crash. They found the answer in the Bible.

From the Tech Herald article:

"From a Biblical Christian perspective it becomes clear that 'aliens' are actually the evil spirits of the Bible," contend the group, which will also use the symposium to deliver its message on counter-cult evangelism, creationism, and spiritual warfare.

"This idea is backed up experientially with the evidence of numerous testimonies of 'abductees', which show that 'alien abduction' experiences stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ," the statement continued.

"Also the sinful behaviors of the 'aliens' behind abductions, the false gospels and new age messages they proclaim, and their supernatural powers so very reminiscent of those described in the Bible as being had by angels, all adds up to make clear that 'aliens' are in fact the evil spirits of the Bible," it said.

The name of the group who issued this proclamation: The Alien Resistance.

Well, as we're devoted to the scientific method, we must consider all new evidence. On one hand, we have a military balloon project. On the other, evil spirits. Tough one.

One interesting note from their site though. They have a debunk of one Prophet Yahweh, a former JREF Millon Dollar Challenge applicant. Prophet Yahweh claimed the ability to summon UFOs on command, and was going to do so at TAM 4, until we learned that he intended to bring semi-automatic rifles with him. You can read about that case here.

It just goes to show that even those who seem so far from our viewpoint can share some of the same conclusions.