Jason Ball writes:


The Young Australian Skeptics had the privilege of interviewing James Randi at the CFI World Congress. The interview can be heard on the latest episode of The Pseudo Scientists, their official podcast.

Check it out at: youngausskeptics.com (Episode 10 direct link).
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Thanks Jason, and congrats on the success of the Young Australian Skeptics. In this podcast, Randi explains his experience of ABC producers (AKA "Shifty Bastards") twisting his words regarding John of God in a now infamous TV special. Randi also discusses appearing on The Tonight Show under the hosting of both Steve Allen and Johnny Carson. The podcast also contains a report on "Super Brain Yoga," which claims to have clincal support.

After listening to to show, be sure to check out the rest of their site. Their coverage of H1N1 alone is worth your time.