Reader Ken from Australia reports:

Hello.  I just thought I'd share this with you.  I've noticed that the egregious Peter Popoff's TV show has been running here in Australia in the middle of the night on the Nine Network for several months.  I decided to see whether I could get them exposed.  I emailed a program called "Media Watch" on the ABC (Aust Broadcasting Corp), telling them about Popoff and his history.  I did get back a response from one of their investigators a few days later, requesting some more info, and he told me they were doing a segment on Popoff on last night's (Monday 27th April) show.

I was delighted to see that the episode did appear last night, and delighted to see that they credited James Randi with originally exposing his fraud.

You can watch the episode online if you care to.  Go to (this link) and you can see and/or download the episode.

(I don't know if my request triggered the report or whether they were planning it anyway, but it doesn't really matter.  Media Watch is a respected prime time program which acts as a sort of unofficial "watchdog" over the Aust media.)

Well Ken, we don’t know if you prompted it or not, but thanks very much for not only calling it to the Australian media’s attention, but also to our own.

US ABC’s 20/20 ran this piece in 2007. And of course, there’s the famous sting by Randi as aired on the Johnny Carson show, as recapped by this Inside Edition segment.

The amazing thing about all this is that THIS MAN WAS SHOWN TO BE AN UTTER CLOWN ON ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SHOWS IN THE WORLD, and people still give him money. Thanks to the efforts of Ken and ABC Australia, at least a few more won’t follow suit.

Folks, it’s time for someone to follow in Robert Lancaster’s footsteps and devote a site to hounding this man out of the spotlight. Looking for a way to make a difference? This could be it.