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Written by Alison Smith   

The Amaz!ng Meeting will be even more amazing this year when we invite you, the JREF's fantastic supporters, to take the stage and show the audience that you've got talent oozing out of your eyeballs!

On Saturday, 11 July 2009, join us for the very first talent show ever held at TAM - The Ham Party. Either apply to be part of the talent by e-mailing Alison Smith and AB Kovacs, or register for $15 as part of your TAM registration package to participate in this fun event. We'll also be selling tickets at the door, so if you can't register in advance, don't worry!

There will be a cash bar on-hand to suit your party needs or calm your nerves, and rumor has it that JREF staff may even take the stage to showcase their own talents.

The entire event will be hosted by George Hrab, so you'll be getting a concert as well!

There are only ten spaces available for talent, so apply now! The top three winners (chosen by Applause-O-Meter) will be awarded wonderful prizes. Applications will only be accepted until May 1st, so hurry!

Remember: You must e-mail both Alison ( and A ( for consideration.