contrailIt's a nice sunny day, and you wander outside to gaze at the clouds, but all you see are the marks jets leave as they cross overhead.

Ever wonder what those were?

Well, some people think they know exactly what they are. They're chemtrails, noxious chemicals being added to the atmosphere with the full support of the US government.

That's right... even the commercial jets that you fly on vacation are leaving deadly trails of weather control substances and public pacification sprays, and we're all being exposed to them constantly.

Oh, I wish I could say I was making that up. From the site "Sedona's Big Picture:"

What all the evidence is slowly but surely adding up to is a vast project, carried out in secret, and consisting of a mutitude of sub-projects, whose purpose is to radically alter, at the very least, the atmospheric environment. This is being carried out illegally, without the knowledge or consent of the very citizens who are funding it. In this respect alone we are, I believe, looking at the largest criminal act in the history of the human race.

Therefore the painstaking documentation of each possible aspect of this program is of inestimable value. As we steadily come closer to understanding the true magnitude and outrageousness of this deliberate secret transformation of the very atmospheric envelope of the planet, we will need ever more careful organization of our thoughts and materials. We began with chemtrails, and following the tracks has led us to contemplating an almost inconceivably complex, interconnected, multi-purpose, and criminally secret program.

Yet however complex, this illegal secrecy, combined with the unfolding picture of a hidden group possessing both the means and the hubris to alter a planetary atmosphere, must be exposed. This is already not only the greatest imaginable subversion of the democratic process, but it may well turn out to be the most perilous and life-threatening of all short-sighted quasi-scientific military/governmental/corporate exploits.

There are those of us that believe, however, that what you're observing is actually contrails, which according to

are usually formed when the air temperature is below -38F degrees, this usually occurs at altitudes between about 28,000 and 40,000 feet. The process starts when exhaust is expelled from the engine and mixes with the cold air, then the water vapor condenses into droplets, which almost instantly freeze into tiny ice crystals.

I must say that this secret government entity must be very clever to produce chemicals that look exactly like contrails when they're released. Though I wonder, if they're so clever, why didn't they make them invisible, or only release them at night?

The sad part about this is that no amount of evidence will ever convince the true believer that the government isn't spraying us with chemicals. Even if you could show them that a particular plane didn't have chemicals onboard, they'd insist that others did.

I note with humor that the article mentions reports of Canada Geese leaving contrails. Or maybe they're involved too? And if they're involved, doesn't that mean Canada must be involved?

I don't know about you, but I'm investing in an umbrella. You can't be too safe.