A few days ago, I wrote about the Ghost Repeller provided by Thai company Supa Boondee. I was surprised to open my e-mail and find this notice, apparently from the company:

The easy way to proof it is you buy it and test it yourself. If not as what we advertised you pay you double price of selling price. Full refund.

Would you happy ?

Best regards,

I will answer publicly and privately.

Again, they can speak English better than I can speak Thai, so I won't be commenting on the peculiarities of their grammar other than to say that it seems like they want to me to pay myself double if it doesn't work. I *think* they're offering to pay me double if it doesn't work as advertised.

The problem is, of course, that "as advertised," there's no way to tell if it works at all! How can I tell if it's repelling ghosts if I can't find any ghosts to begin with? Maybe it works so well that all ghosts have been repelled from the entire planet?

There is an opportunity for Supa Boondee here. If they are sure their device works, they must be able to detect both the presence and absence of ghosts. If they can do that, they're eligible for the million dollar challenge. So rather than go to the trouble of purchasing one of their devices, I am formally inviting them to apply for the challenge. I promise you: if they can detect ghosts (or devils), we will happily turn over the million to them. Oh, and everything we know about our world will change instantly. But that doesn't seem to occur to them.

I'll let you know if they respond again.