ghostrepellerWhile some may be "hunting" ghosts, or merely trying to decide whether they exist or not, one ambitious Thai company, Boondee Laboratories, has created a device that will force them away. They claim it works on devils too.

First, I have to comment on the language on the site. The authors are clearly not native English speakers, and as easy as it would be to poke fun at their phrasing and word choice, I'm going to refrain from doing so for one simple reason: I can't speak a word of Thai that isn't on a restaurant menu (I'm a big fan of Tom Kha Gai).

This electronic device sends out a "killer wave" that's supposed to repel ghosts. From Boondee:

Video capture the invisible picture then convert to radio signal and sent to WAVE KILLER gernerated by complex electronic circuit.

Looking at the schematic on the site, I have to scratch my head. The picture looks as though a little block with a Buddha carved on it is somehow generating something... though I'm not clear how it actually leaves the box, or what form it takes.

When I first started researching this story, Boondee had an item up saying that they were considering removing this product from their lineup, but today, it's back in full force.They were running tests, and it seems that they've decided their product is effective.

I've no doubt that this device will work as a placebo. If you think you have ghosts, and you think a device like this could work, you can think that it has. But it seems to me that this device should also be able to detect ghosts in the first place, and that's something science has not been able to do. If Boondee can do that, I strongly encourage them to share their wisdom, or at least explain how they can "video capture the invisible image."

Or maybe they're aliens instead of ghosts? How are we to know?