logoChemical and Engineering News may have a narrow audience, but long time JREF friend (she's never missed a TAM!)  and educator Sachie brings this cheery article to our attention.

From the article:

Darlene Cavalier, a Pennsylvania mother of four, a former business developer for Walt Disney Publishing Worldwide, and a onetime cheerleader for the Philadelphia 76ers, is a vociferous fan of science and, with her slam-dunk smile and enthusiasm, is adding a literal verve to the idea of science cheerleading.
Courtesy of Darlene Cavalier

This past April, Cavalier launched SCIENCECHEERLEADER.COM. "I don't want to just preach to the choir," she tells C&EN, referring to the tendency for the science-interested among us to speechify. One of Cavalier's aims is to move the masses to become citizen scientists.

Darlene's message (endorsed by Penn & Teller) is simple: science is for everyone. And that's part of the JREF's message as well. "Skepticism" is simply another word for applied science. Science is the method by which we gain knowledge in as unbiased a manner as possible. Everyone can use it, everyone needs it, but too many people associate science with "boring" text books and lengthy math problems.

If the problem is simply a matter of branding, Darlene is on the right path to bring the benefits of science into more peoples lives. Her posts include such topics as science policy, inventing, and Barbie dolls.