We are very pleased to announce that registration for The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) 7 is now open!

TAMs are the premier conferences for critical thinkers across the globe, and always feature great speakers, good times, and a warm and wonderful community. TAM 7 will continue that tradition.



This year, our keynote speaker is Bill Prady, the executive producer of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory. We also have Randi, of course, as well as JREF President Phil Plait, science writer Jennifer Ouellette, paranormal investigator Joe Nickell, The Skeptic Society's Michael Shermer, and a passel of other great speakers. Check the speakers page for the list of who will be there.

We have all sorts of plans for TAM 7. Critical thinking workshops, paper presentations, magic shows, music (George Hrab!), and even... a talent show. Yes, you read that right. Do skeptics have talent? We'll see.

We're very pleased to be sponsoring a vaccination clinic as well, because Las Vegas has a very low vaccination rate amongst its children. We at the JREF feel strongly that vaccines -- despite the nonsensical rants of some antiscience advocates -- are a vital part of a child's healthcare. A small donation from just some of our TAM 7 attendees will guarantee that a large number of children in the Las Vegas area will be protected from wholly preventable diseases.

There's a lot more going on, and we'll be adding more information to the TAM 7 site as it comes in. Check back often (and we'll update Swift and the News sections of this site, too). TAM 7 will be from July 9 - 12 at the South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. We hope to see you there!


[Updated (March 4, 2009): Emily Rosa, who was listed as a speaker for TAM 7, will not be able to attend. Our apologies for this.]