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Written by James Randi   

smokenotAt you'll see the startling statement that 57 thousand people stopped smoking after seeing Uri on TV in Germany! Wow! And, I mean, wow! Because how they determined that figure - that alone - is just incredible! Did all those folks write in, or telephone, e-mail, or send ESP signals? And if they didn't wait a couple of months, how could they possibly know whether they'd really quit? Did they take up nail-biting, crying uncontrollably, stammering, making contributions to Nigerian scammers, or heavy face-twitching, to replace the nicotine?  Inquiring minds want to know... This shows, more clearly than I ever could, the population to which Geller directs his increasingly vapid nonsense: the terminally naïve, the juvenile, and the ignorant, are his targets. And we all know that there are ample folks out there to fill up those ranks, at any given moment... But then, I've always thought that smokers are pretty dense, anyway. They actually choose to take up a habit that's dirty, deadly dangerous, objectionable, antisocial, and provably stupid, so that they can get addicted and sick.  And die.