oopReader John Michalski, a science teacher at East Hanover Middle School, NJ, writes to say that it’s

Good to have thinkers in the media, wherever we can find them.

Of course, we at JREF agree with John, who sends us to this site to learn that Stephen Whitty, the movie critic for the Newark (NJ) Star Ledger, gave a “science fiction" rating to "Expelled ," with this explanation:

…nothing twisted science into fiction quite as absurdly as a movie purporting to be fact – the down-with-Darwin documentary "Expelled," which lifted its nonsensical knowledge of early man from an Alley Oop comic and its sense of honest inquiry from a snake-handling preacher. A movie to make Bill Maher look like an unbiased journalist.

John immediately emailed the critic and offered his support for that choice, and Whittey responded by wishing him a

Happy, healthy, and rational new year.

I became an instant Stephen Whitty fan…