gvThis strange man George Vithoulkas, in Greece, is still flailing about on the subject of a comprehensive, definitive, homeopathy test, which convinces me that he's honestly self-deluded - as so many naifs are - that homeopathy actually works. Certainly, any reasonable person looking at the many tests that have been conducted to test the weird claims made ever since Samuel Hahnemann came up with this idea back in 1792, would immediately see that the "art" is simply imaginary. The tests that I approved to be done by the Royal Society and broadcast on BBC-TV, offering the JREF million-dollar prize, demonstrated that fact very strongly, so it takes a totally delusional mind to still think that there's anything there to be found.

Vithoulkas is currently celebrating the fact that I blamed the Greek homeopaths for aborting the arrangements for a test, when I should have said that it was the Hungarians who were responsible; since they're all deluded, I can't manage to keep them sorted out...  I also had a notice entered a week earlier than I'd said it would appear, and that provided Vithoulkas with a further source of glee. To set the matter right, I just sent him this note:

Alec Gindis and Gabor Hrasko have brought to my attention the fact that my correction to the March 14 article was mistakenly placed under the wrong date.  My assistant was apparently confused by the March 7 link mentioned in your email. The correction is now in the right place.  I apologize for the error, though the correction was easily found and noted by many others who simply did a search for it. Apparently you did not find this necessary for you to do.

Alec has asked me to clarify for you how I see his and Gabor's role in the proposed experiment, since you seem to believe that their original role as facilitators of the experiment has changed. This is not so, and I cannot imagine where you obtained this notion. In fact, my communication over the last two years with both Gabor and Alec has only increased my trust and confidence in both of them.

I also understand that in addition to the private arrangement we had with regard to the experiment, you want to officially be put on the list of applicants. That, as I've informed you, cannot be done until you fill out the standard application form, as everyone is required to do. Many would-be applicants have considered themselves above such a simple requirement, but no exception has ever been made, nor will it be made.

In consideration of our previous understanding I will waive the need for the initial experiment (we'll accept the substitute proposed by Gabor) and we'll use your originally proposed protocol.

Once your official application is in place, we can proceed with the arrangements necessary to conduct the experiment.

Signed, James Randi

I await further hand-wringing from this man...