pigasusInventing Origami Pigasus for Mr. Randi was a real pleasure. I promised him I would at least try to create the flying pig as we cruised around Alaska in 2007 on the Amaz!ng Adventure. I could never have known, (what am I a ‘psychic'?) that the little piggy would become so popular.

I am thrilled when other people fold Pigasus and well remember having my socks knocked off at TAM 6 upon seeing a table full of them as a result of the efforts of JREF Forum member ‘Kochanski'.

Pigasus is a great ambassador for the JREF and skepticism and has become something of a mascot for Skeptics in the Pub around the world. My good friend Fred Bremmer folds many piggies for members and guests of Vancouver Skeptics in the Pub.

Some very clever people, far cleverer than I, have even animated piggy and posted their efforts on YouTube. Take a look at this and then this.

If that were not enough, you can watch the Adventures of Pigasus has he goes on his own skeptical investigations.

So, why not give folding Origami Pigasus a go? You can find the online video here with me giving you step by step instructions. Fold a pig and help spread the word of the JREF around the world.