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Written by James Randi   

Reader Marshall Pierce in Milwaukee alerts us:

Once, statues in churches cried REAL tears and bled real blood. But, this tops that! ThisĀ is THE MOST insane I have ever heard. You will NOT believe this one!

Umm, Marshall, I'll believe that the woo-woos will say or print anything, particularly the church! Never challenge me on this! But you can try...

On the Catholic TV network last night, EWTN, they had this HUGE painting of their goddess the Virgin Mary. The "Lady of Guadeloupe" in Mexico. In the painting Mary is depicted as being pregnant. Well, when they take this painting to churches they also bring a stethoscope and people can listen to the painting to hear the baby Jesus' heart beating in that womb. And, you can also hear the virgin's heart beating as well. Some hear BOTH heartbeats!

Okay, Marshall, that comes close, but I've been to see the Lady of Guadalupe in person, and I've heard a dozen miracle stories told about it, so I'm impervious to this one. Sorry. But there's more? Try me...

Also, an ophthalmologist looked at the eye of the painting and the eye was ALIVE and moving and looking right at him. He just FAINTED! This REALLY tops it!

Umm, you mean, they claim this, right? The difference between claims and facts can be quite substantial, in my experience...

Do they just have to keep inventing more and more myths on a daily basis? Is their god SO dead they need this?

Umm, yes. Next question...?