German SWIFT reader Markus Kompa writes to tell us that there is serious doubt about a recent comment I made:

I don't agree with your comment in (this article) about Maskelyne. As far as I know, there is no evidence that Jasper Maskelyne directed anything in the military deceptions of D-Day.

Markus then sends us to this site for a strong reference on the matter. Re-examining this data, I believe that Markus may be correct. Magicians, after all, create illusions, though I accept that if Jasper Maskelyne invented this involvement in the war effort simply to enhance his reputation, it should not be allowed to stand. Let me just say that we magicians should be just as culpable when we break the rules of ethics, and we should live up to generally accepted ethical standards, regardless of how attractive we find hyperbole…

A short Google search brought me – which rather strengthens Markus’ objection, which I gladly accept.