Last Friday, a Laurinburg, North Carolina, clergyman reported a UFO sighting in the area. The un-named man said he had an experience that he might have ascribed to an active imagination – if it had happened to someone else – and said that he hesitates to talk about the incident lest someone call him a "nut."

On Sunday, November 8th, at about 6:15 p.m., the pastor and his wife were driving when they saw a startlingly bright light on the horizon. His wife suggested that it was the Moon behind the clouds, but then she saw the Moon in another corner of the sky. What they both described as a rectangular-shaped UFO continued to float slowly, giving off a bright yellowish color, then it began to change.

Within thirty seconds, they said, it split and divided into individual round bright lights, and one in the group of lights was moving back and forth, “casually." Said the man:

It was definitely nothing like anything that is possible from our military. I have seen lights just like these in UFO television programs before, and there is no way they are airplanes, or anything else like that.

Now, what authority this anonymous clergyman invoked to decide that the US military is thus constrained, I cannot tell. Also, assuming that TV programs speak undiluted sooth, is not the way to go, sir.

The couple continued driving in their car and noticed the objects move rapidly toward the direction of East Laurinburg. "Then,” he said, “they just disappeared." Now, the Laurinburg and Scotland County authorities received no calls over the weekend reporting any unusual sightings, but the pastor did have one possible explanation. He said:

Being a minister, and having read the Bible, I feel like it's something demonic. (According to the Bible) Satan is the prince of, and has power over the air, and in my estimation it is related to that in a spiritual way. It is likely Satan trying to show his power.

gkWell, the Laurinburg Exchange newspaper, where this provocative story appeared, received a few letters-to-the-editor. Someone named “derr” offered a comment – and this is exactly as it was written:

if you go online and google the words "new jersey ufo" or "derr ufo" you will see increased signs of alien activity bringing forth to this world changes we must prepare for and it invasion ? who knows ? -

But there were somewhat more sober citizens commenting, as well. “BAB” wrote:

I figured it wouldn't take long for someone to report a ufo. What they saw was the Golden Knight's pyrotechnic display at the airport. It was at around 6:15 Sunday evening. They had pyrotechnic "cables" attached to the skydivers and even to the aircraft. Funny the event was reported by the paper, but they didn't pick up on what it was.

Yes, the announcement of the observed event appeared in the Laurinburg Exchange newspaper, but no one on the staff connected it with this poor chap’s Satanic Invasion…! Newspaper reader “Bruce B” wrote:

The UFO was the Golden Knights pyrotechnics exhibition at the Laurinburg/Maxton airbase. Not Satan. This story made my day! I'm still laughing!

Hold on, please. We have to understand that the pastor believes in devils and demons, he’s absolutely convinced that they’re real, and he grew up really believing in Satan. That explanation he gave makes sense – to him. But when I looked into the details of this event myself, I discovered that the U. S. Army Parachute team, The Golden Knights, use the Laurinburg-Maxton Airport as their main training facility! They’re there all the time!

Pastor, rather than jumping into a woo-woo cauldron, ask for some advice. Your local paper won’t be much help, it seems, but there have to be wiser folks available to you…