Dr Buzz0 is well known to many of us... he's been to a few TAMs and local skeptic events, and his site Depleted Cranium pokes holes in many sorts of uncritical thought and knee-jerk public reaction.

Buzz is also known for creating videos, and this one was sent to us by a Swift reader for our perusal.

How did Sylvia Browne do predicting how 2007 would go? Buzz gives her a fair shake in this gameshow-style scorecard.

I'm particularly impressed with her advice on the stock market. "It's just crazy." If she can predict things like troops being pulled out and gay marriage, why can't she hazard a guess at how the stock market will perform? Of course we shouldn't fault her too much for that... professional stock analysts failed just as miserably.

A final note: Sylvia also failed to predict that in the coming years, she would lose her show on Montel and have her show in Vegas canceled, presumably due to poor ticket sales.