I never get used to the fact that you readers respond so readily to good ideas I offer you! I promised that if you decided to join me in my Plan USA charitable support of kids all around the world, I'd take on another myself if six children were reached out to, and here they are! Pontus - Malmö, Sweden - now sponsors a 4-year-old named Pisey, Katkin has a boy, 8, from El Salvador, and "corporationsix" has a 5-year-old-boy in Cambodia. Galla and her husband Yahzi have just sponsored two little girls from Sudan: Sawsan and Wafa.  And Colin Thornton took on a child at PLAN as a gift for his wife for Xmas.

Thank you, folks! I just sent in my application for an eighth kid – I added one, in between! – in response to your generosity, and I immediately heard back that she’s a 3-year-old little lady in Nepal! How exciting! I’ll be sending you her photo and details as soon as I get them!

Just in case you missed getting in on this great deal, I'll send you to this article for some details, and then you can click in at Plan USA to get started. Who knows how many deserving childen will benefit from this simple request? And, in case you wonder what I want for Christmas, just guess. It involves a note beginning, "Today I subscribed to Plan USA..."