At this article from last week, you’ll see some of the excellent coverage that reader Mogen Winthers has been providing us on this totally – and dangerously – self-deluded man, Dr. Richard Boylan, a defrocked psychiatrist who has been circulating statements about a fictitious asteroid that he says celestial powers have told him will impact Earth on November 15th, and has asked for a Joint Psychic Exercise [JPE] by all his fellow-nuts to steer the visitor away from Earth.

Mogen shares with us the following meanderings of one of Boylan’s similarly-deluded sycophants, who is a direct product of Boylan’s interference with his sanity:

The Diverting of an asteroid:

I am afraid I cannot contribute in conventional fashion to the JPE. I can use spiritual energy fairly well but I have not mastered on any level kinetic manipulation. I will offer support so that those who can use it will be more able, but other than that, what can I do? I have not practiced anything else. I know I can, I can feel that I can, I just can't seem to break the barrier that holds it back. I don't think its the best idea for me to break it either, since I am pretty sure I put it there because of some pretty destructive things I have done with my energy. It is either that or the power that I am sensing is not my own and it seeks to manifest through me in order to "give" me an ability outside my means. In any case, I can't seem to do it, and I wish us all the best of luck.

Jonathan Martin

The best “luck” you could have, Jonathan, would be to wake up and see Boylan for what he is: an insane psychiatrist...

No asteroid will impact the Earth on Saturday. The “JPE” will take total credit for this, they will celebrate their success, and continue being nuts... Mind you, if such an asteroid were on its way, it would by now be clearly evident to us, and would have been announced in the press, but such facts have no impact nor importance to the Boylan crowd, all of whom – as above – have the juvenile notion that they have mystical powers.