Please watch this short commercial from our non-sponsor, Columbia Sportswear:

Notice anything odd there? Well Nat Heffernan did, and he brought it to our attention. The narration begins "Man didn't outlive dinosaurs or rotary phones by sitting still.  We adapt." And then later, in a stern voice, "Texas isn't surf country." Ok, two things. We didn't outlive dinosaurs at all. Not even close. While we're still learning about mammalian evolution during the "dinosaur age," it's likely beyond all reasonable debate that there were no humans around to run from a T-Rex. (This article gives evidence that mammals weren't the mouse-like pipsqueaks we had earlier believed though. Wow.)

As for rotary phones, well, I haven't used one in a very long time, so I'll grant that.

But the second thing, is that as the pictures on this site show, there is surfing in Texas! I mean, of the normal variety, not the tanker kind. I wonder if all the surf shops in Galveston sell Columbia goods anymore.

Ok, it's just an ad for sportswear. But did the producer watch too much Flintsones or something? It seems like a minor thing, but remember there are actually people who believe humans coexisted with dinosaurs, and little clips like this give that idea credence.

So imagine, new copy for this ad:

Man's anscestors were never satisfied sitting still. Small mammals grew bigger.. and bigger, until they were eating the very dinosaurs that had terrorized them for eons. Now, we surf behind oil tankers filled with fossil fuels, just for the fun of it. Maybe our clothes can help you evolve too.

OK, there's a reason I'm not a copy writer for an advertising agency, but I think they missed the more compelling story in this ad.