Every year, hundreds of critical thinkers converge on Las Vegas to attend the annual JREF conference, called The Amaz!ng Meeting (or TAM). In June 2008, almost 1000 people came to the sixth TAM and saw an array of fantastic speakers talking about science, skepticism, and rationality.

If you weren't there, don't despair! TAM 6  DVDs are now available on the JREF website . This set of 5 discs has presentations by many of the TAM 6 guests, including:

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson , who held the audience enthralled with his talk "Brain Droppings", about science, religion, and pseudoscience
  • Noted blogger P Z Myers , discussing biological evolutionary processes
  • Mythbuster Adam Savage , obsessing over creating a model of the Maltese Falcon
  • Professor Richard Wiseman , breaking the world record for Largest Spoon Bending Demonstration
  • JREF's own Phil Plait (hey, that's me!), who boggles at what science doesn't know about our solar system

... and many more!

Now, there is a caveat: a problem during one day's recording (incredibly, the A/V company didn't have a cord plugged in correctly) means that audio was lost that day. Because skeptics are notoriously bad at listening to rules - in this case, the rule not to record any of the talks - we were able to recover quite a bit of the audio from that day. However, we did lose Dr. Michael Shermer's presentation, as well as Hal Bidlack's intros to the speakers. Because of that we've discounted the set to $49.95. That's still a bargain for such a great collection of talks, which we guarantee will kick-start your brain.

And rest assured plans for TAM 7 are in full swing. It'll be from July 9 - 12, 2009 at the Southpoint Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. We promise more exciting speakers, more fun, and more critical thinking than you can shake a neuron at!