From reader Mogens Winther comes the latest ravings of Dr. Richard Boylan. He was asked:

Just curious Dr. B – has the establishment scientific community acknowledged this asteroid is on the way? Have they said anything about it? I haven't seen anything about it online or anywhere else. Thanks.



You must understand that this is a sick doctor – a psychiatrist who is mentally unbalanced. He thinks he’s the Earth Representative to the Space Gods, and is in touch with them...  He obviously didn’t have to dress up on Halloween... Said Boylan in response to Howard:

The Cabal [the CIA, FBI, etc.] want to harvest the special super-strong metallic mineral that coats the exterior of the asteroid. That is why they want it to fall to Earth, albeit shot into pieces, though still of harmful largeness. The Cabal still control the media and substantial parts of the "scientific community". Therefore you are not going to see anything in public media about this asteroid.

Boylan, get a life! Tinkerbelle and the Tooth Fairy make more sense...