It appears that Dr. Richard Boylan hasn’t been at all slowed down in his efforts to preach woo-woo. From October 25th, we were forwarded this set of endorsements of his campaign. From UFOFacts Yahoo Groups we see kudos for his pretentious “StarKid & Star Seed Adult Workshop” held in Pennsylvania. Here are a few examples:

What a wonderful experience!!! I have no other words to describe what you kindly shared with us. Thank you so much.

In light & love


What was “kindly” about this, may I ask? Dr. Boylan was paid for his attendance, and I’m sure that “Francisco” contributed to that sum. Boylan’s not doing anyone any favors; he’s misinforming them and messing with their minds, just as if he were a practicing psychiatrist...

From attendee “K” came this:

Fran, thank you for your very nice report. I am curious about a few of the things you mentioned:

First, could you describe what is meant by “smudging” the area:

Answer: Councillor [Richard Boylan’s nom-de-cult] was busy with smudging the workshop area in conjunction with Star Nations setting a protective shield as well.

Second, by “mingle,” could you describe what happened?

Answer: We had surprisingly 3 entourages of Star Folks show up, one of which came to mingle with us;

And third, is this meditation available to purchase? If so, please explain how.

Answer: A wonderful meditation with musical sounds. And makes that available to folks too.

But this next one answers “K”s questions more fully, and is the hands-down winner in the naivety/gullibility/density category. These are the exact words, fuzzy and disorganized as they are, describing naively imagined events which could not be actually seen or experienced, but were only “sensed”...

Greetings Everyone,

I apologize for taking so long to post on the Workshop... How can I put into words the entire experience of the workshop? Hmm, it's quite difficult as energy of that caliber can not be put into words, but I will try.  First and foremost I stand in full gratitude, honor and humility to Source for allowing all whom attended to mix and share our parts of the dream together. Dr. Boylan and Fran, I appreciate you having the time to facilitate the workshop.

For those of you that have already met Councillor and Fran I need not explain but for those whom have not met them, if ever you get a chance to, don't pass it up. They are awesome! My boys couldn't get enough of them and they became so attached that they're still saying "I miss Dr. Boylan and Fran."

I took over 100 pictures of the workshop and many orbs were caught on film.

The thing that can not be captured to be seen with the human eyes was the energy.  Many Be-ings of the highest vibration of love were present and they could be felt. Some could be seen if one looked with their heart. 

If I could answer the questions “K” asked in the previous post...

Question #1. First, could you describe what is meant by "smudging" the area:

Smudging is done to clear spaces and/or areas of negative energy. One could use a smudging stick which has sage in it. Some smudging sticks can also have sweet grass in them.

Question #2. Second, by "mingle," could you describe what happened?

At the skywatch and telepathic outreach we were honored with three different groups of Star Visitors.  All came in their own time and in separate ships. As I stood there looking up waiting to see with my human eyes I began to feel an overwhelming sense of joy.  So much joy that I began to feel teary eyed.  After feeling that way, but not saying it out loud, Fran mentioned that the first group had arrived and they were already intermingling.

Meaning, they were walking around us and communicating with some of us. To me, that was confirmation of the joy that I felt.  A few even felt the Star Visitor's touch as well as see them right next to them.  I could not see, but knew because my heart told me so.

Before I go on.  I must share this.... Initially I insisted on seeing with my eyes.  I could not see a single thing but I could "feel".  Then a thought went through my head. Words Wendi and Asheoma have said to my son Nicholas and I.  When you can see with your heart...then you will see everything else.  My perception of "seeing" shifted in that very moment and I don't doubt Asheoma whispered them into my heart again that evening.

Immediately after my energy shifted and I began to see with my heart, my sister pointed out the second group that was off to one side of the field where we were.  In the distance shadows of beings walking around could be seen!! I 'bout jumped out of my skin when I actually saw them... What an honor to have our Star friends and family trust us enough to come and visit. Words could not express how I felt in that moment. 

Then off at a distance the third group to honor us with their presence could be seen and felt. They came in a thick fog.  To the average person they would pass off what that group looked like as plain old everyday fog.  No, no my dear friends.  What it was, was hundreds of Beings! I could see them, they were silhouettes of hundreds of beings.  They came quite close to us too.  I did not want the moment to was that magical. Time came to express our gratitude and say our goodbyes.  Wouldn't you know the fog cleared up and a star that we thought was a star moved away ever so slowly to let us know it was not a star but our beloved Star Visitors ship!!! That evening was so surreal.  Now that I think back on it I'm like "Aaahhh!! They came, they came!  And we saw them and felt them!!" As I'm saying this, picture an orangutan walking back and forth real fast with the arms swinging above it's head.  That's me.  I know now, if ever I wish to connect with them again, I can go back to that evening, and the emotions I felt and be right back with them again.  Right in that one point. As can all of you too. After all, All points are ONE. All time is NOW.  All places are HERE.

I brought my camera and put brand new batteries in them right before the telepathic outreach.  I was able to get one picture before we began and one picture after. Why you may ask? Because my batteries died that fast.

Question #3. And third, is this meditation available to purchase? If so, please explain how.

For the meditation no actual words were spoken it was all done by the music Mike played. We each, individually, went through our own meditations and journeys. I don't think Mike taped the music that evening.  I'm not sure.

This past weekend ranks in the top 10 most beautiful life changing events in my life.  I would do it all over again in a heart beat.  Dr. Boylan, if ever you'd like to do another Star Kid & Star Seed Workshop here in Allentown please let me know.  It will be my pleasure to help put things together again.

On another note, last night I saw a light in the sky that was low enough to be a plane but it did not move.  I went outside to get a better look at it and it looked just like the star we saw at the telepathic outreach.  So I decided to get my camera.  When I zoomed in, it was round and glowed a reddish orange with some white.  I tried to video tape it but wouldn't you batteries died in 2 seconds flat.  I have to give it to our Star friends, they sure do have a sense of humor.  ((Hugs))

Dr. Boylan and Fran, you are such beautiful and precious Sparks of Source. I and my boys love you both very much.


That latter expression is a sort of “shalom” or “salute” used by these folks to express surrender, servility, and rapt adherence to woo-woo principles...

From Fran “Obsidian” Harris herself, we read this:

Greetings everyone,

Just to give you a brief update about what occured at the workshop. First of all I wish to thank ever dearly Councillor for allowing me to assist, as it seems that Councillor for the Watchers had much to say. And a Huge Thank You to Linda S. for her hard work on pulling this together. And her two wonderful boys, they cracked me up Big Time.

As Councillor was busy with smudging the workshop area in conjunction with Star Nations setting a protective shield as well, Linda and I were busy greeting folks and Star Kids coming in. Everyone was so delightful it was beautiful. Both Councillor and Linda came up with wonderful ideas for the young Star Seed Adults and Star Kids to work with for their skills/talents/ abilities. We also had folks doing drawings of their experiences. As well as trying our hand - is that the saying? - at Remote viewing. Two examples of that was done. Which was fun to do. Also worked with the dowsing rods with energy fields (by the way this was a major hit) and with the pendulum.

Everyone got to try out psychic diagnosis and use of energy treatment for healing. Also people got to try playing with photos of Orb folks that showed up during the workshop. And of course, we also got to go out for the night watch too. And overall we had surprisingly 3 entourages of Star Folks show up, one of which came to mingle with us; and we also noted a Star Craft at a distance that presented a interesting appearance. Afterwards we all returned indoors for the day. And the last day there was more to be shared and folks talked about their experience during the night watch. And I also shared various aspects of my home and with a map of the Galaxy showed where my home was.

Also, one young man - and please my apologies to him as I am bad with recalling names - did a wonderful meditation with musical sounds. And makes that available to folks too. There was a wealth of questions, too, and conversing as well. At the end of the workshop it was sad to see everyone go, but at least they can share what they have learned too. I'm sure Councillor will touch upon aspects of the workshop that I have missed but, at least this was a good fragmented overview of it. Well, enough from me for now. I look forward to hearing from others. Take care.

Judging from their very own words as seen above, I think our readers will be able to evaluate how well these strange folks are handling reality...