ssb.jpgAt the JREF, we've been a huge supporter of Robert S. Lancaster and his and sites.  You'll notice that I didn't link to stopsylviabrowne this time... that's because that site has been taken over by someone who does not have the same interests as Robert. Sadly, during Robert's illness, his domain lapsed and was instantly snatched up by someone who may or may not be associated with Sylvia Browne.

All of Robert's hard––and effective––work  seemed to have been lost. But not so. It is all preserved at But has been promoted so many times.. how do we reclaim the Googleness that Robert worked so hard to procure? Tim Farley of has the answer:

As you know, the domain name for the Stop Sylvia Browne recently expired, and was snapped up by a domain-squatting woo-woo.  Now all the good work we did boosting Robert's site in Google is generating traffic for a bad guy.

Various folks have been working on fixing this for the last few days, and there are a number of other domains registered that point to the site.  This morning we got word from Susan Lancaster regarding the preferred one to use. Robert agrees that STOPSYLVIA.COM is the new domain name that we should googlebomb.  She posted it at about 2 this morning (Eastern) in this thread on JREF.

So we need to mobilize all skeptics to change all their OLD links to to point to the new domain and create new links.  The quicker we do this, the quicker Google will pick up the new domain and also drop the old domain in the rankings.

I wrote a blog post explaining the gory details of how googlebombing works, and the exact details of how people should do this, here.

IMPORTANT! The key thing is that you include the words "Sylvia Browne" as the link text, but NOT the word "stop".  Again, all the details are in that blog post near the bottom if you are unclear.

We need to get the word out on this, so blog away!

So here it is... if you want true information on Sylvia Browne, click that link. The JREF will be going through our old files in the coming days to remove any links to the old site.