At you met Dr. Richard Boylan, a woo-woo artist who at least we cannot accuse of resting on his laurels, because reader Mogens Winther informs us that this PhD now offers a new scenario that establishes his claim to championship in the field. Writes Mr. Winther:

Apparently, this orb-loving Dr. Boylan runs a webpage – impressively – which tells about yet another Disaster from Heaven:

The information I am about to share can be disturbing. Do not panic but DO prepare to become active. Please read this report to the very end before drawing any conclusions about an appropriate response.

And once again these wonderful people have decided to save our souls:

And so it was decided that Humans will engage in a Joint Psychic Project to utilize our collective telekinesis abilities to exert together to deflect this asteroid from its collision course with Earth. And Star Nations will join with us, utilizing both their telekinetic powers, and any necessary advanced technology, to redirect this asteroid safely away from Earth.

map.jpgWell, that’s a relief, isn’t it? Just for a moment there, I was a tad concerned, but now my confidence has been restored, as I’m sure Mogen Winthers’ has been…

The map shows the imagined impact spot of the asteroid and the JREF location. I happily note that we appear to safe from everything but the tsunami, so we just may survive Boylan’s bad dream… 

At this delusional nut-case outlines his qualifications in the “Star Nations’ Council,” and appears to actually believe his totally farcical scenario. He calls for a psychic effort on

…November 15, 10:30 am, PST,/ 1:30 pm, EST,/ 18:30 hrs. UTC/ Greenwich Mean Time/ZULU, to unite and exercise our psychic power of telekinesis to redirect this asteroid safely away from Earth before it travels any serious distance into our atmosphere.

Now, you’ll not be astonished to learn that I seriously doubt this disaster will take place, despite the fact that Boylan assures us that it was “corroborated… by Star Nations,” and he’s Earth’s official representative to this vast extragalactic agency. However, as I’ll show you, in common with other rather cunning would-be prognosticators, Boylan has also provided himself with escape-hatches in case his visions of omnipotence should fail. As an example:

He says he first learned of this calamity by treating a patient via “hypnotic regression,” so any failure can be ascribed to purposeful deception by the patient. But there are other escape-routes for him to fall back on, as he continues:

I therefore (as Earth's representative to Star Nations) made a formal request to Star Nations’ Council to intervene to deflect this asteroid from its foreseen impact course. This request was agreed to by Star Nations with the provision that Humans also had to get involved in this Exercise to deflect this asteroid.

Those italics were provided by me to emphasize that phrase – which gives him another victory and an “out” when the asteroid doesn’t show up. He can then claim that though we let down the “Star Nations” by declining to raise an international alarm, they managed the deflection all by themselves…

This chunk of rock, Boylan says, is “8/10 miles long, 6/10 miles wide.” (To us mortals, that’s just like 4/5 miles long, 3/5 miles wide, but he’s a scientist, and knows math.) Furthermore, he tells us,

A remote-viewing psychic on my team saw that the Nov. 15 asteroid’s impact would create an extremely-powerful downward pressure wave that would precipitate the eruption of a massive volcano on the seabed floor which would grow to almost the ocean’s surface, causing weather and ocean navigation challenges.

Almost makes you want to get off Earth, doesn’t it? And why don’t we have any official advance warning from the International Astronomical Union, the American Astronomical Society, NASA, or the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts? Well, Boylan blames that on “Cabal-controlled elements within the U.S. military,” against which we of course have no defense….

Well, dipping into my own prodigious powers of predictive prognostic prophecy– great alliterative/consonant phrase! – I predict that no asteroid, or even a meteor, will strike Earth on November 15th, 2008 C.E. Is there any limit to this man’s delusions/idiocy/insanity/stupidity? He signs his news release, as usual, with “in the light,” which I suggest would be better phrased as, “in total darkness”…